Connecting Sources by Los little guys Intensive
£150/ £135 Early Bird 12th October
"los little guys" is a physical dance theatre collaboration initiated in 2017 by Erik Elizondo and Dimitri Kalaitzidis after studying at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Austria. Since their foundation los little guys have engaged in residencies, presented work, and offered workshops and classes in Germany, USA, Mexico, and Canada and will soon be engaging in new projects in India and the UK.
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Saturday 24th November 3 -5 p.m. £25 SINGLE | £20 Early Bird 9th November
In this workshop we will look at the anatomy of backbends, how we can use the breath to find calm and ease, what in the body needs to be opened, what needs to be strengthened and the actions in the body that support and stabilise such shapes. This will help you build a full body understanding of this family of poses, develop the fearless ability to release into them and accept and enjoy their benefits.
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