Jose Vidal Intensive workshop
27th-29th March | 11am-5pm £140/ £125 Early Bird 16th March
Jose's artistic work is about integrating high physicality, to sensoriality, to multiple narratives, within large groups of performers.. Self-enquiry, deep body understanding in relation to movement and to other bodies is foundational to both his artistic practice and pedagogy.. His work is tailor-made and adapted to a diverse range movement skills, abilities and experiences. It responds to the needs of the bodies of the performers body, allowing the workshop and performance contexts to benefit both experienced dancers and/ or non-experienced performers
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THAI YOGA MASSAGE #3 | HIPS with Danila Ciencia
SATURDAY 13th April 3 -5pm £30- £40x2pp- ALL £200- £290x2ppl
During this detailed series of Thai Massage Workshops we will travel the whole Body from the feet up to the head, as in the traditional way of this ancient Thai Healing Art. You can join us for one, few or all the steps we will take to journey along the temple of our Body. If our Body is healthy, open and free of blockages, so are our Mind & Soul.
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