Wild body - with Zoe Solomons
24th-27th September-11am-1pm / £10
More info: workshops.tripspace@gmail.com

The secrets of a wild dance are written in our forms. The sensitivity of a foot: a dance of 26 bones, the song of your hips, axes swinging in harmony. Visual dissection and physical investigation reveal fertile ground; subtle songs of our body call us to greater connection, power and flow.
This workshop is an opportunity to hear the music written into us; an expedition into the wild lands of dynamic anatomy and physics.

Zoë is a dancer/mother/teacher/student of osteopathy who is dedicated to the exploration and facilitation of functional and expressive movement. Zoë has taught internationally through the lens of the Axis Syllabus since 2008, including professional class for Independent Dance, the Place, GDA, Jose Vidal Company, Company Bewegungsmelder (Austria) and Seke Chimutengwende and friends.

Please note, if you are doing the workshop you can attend the 9:30am YOGA class at a bargain rate: £8
contact: workshops.tripspace@gmail.com