ARM BALANCES with Eimear Kelly
SATURDAY 19th October 2019 | 3 p.m.-5 p.m. £30

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Arm balances can be tricky to master without an understanding of good technique and knowledge of helpful tips.

So join Eimear in this 2 hour workshop where she will break down these poses and have you balancing on your hands in no time!


- Dynamic flows targeted to each pose to warm up and engage the appropriate parts of the body.
- Specific exercises to build the strength and flexibility for each arm balance.
- A break down of a range of poses including crow, side crow, eight angle pose, flying splits, flying pigeon pose, firefly pose and more!
- How we can transition from one arm balance to another seamlessly.
- Lots of fun!

This workshop is open to anyone with a yoga practice.

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