Night Butoh with live violin
SAT 25th March 2017 | 4:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
Lead by Eliza Soroga & Roxani Garefalaki, live electric violin; Takatsuna Mukai

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‘The body in Butoh stands as an AM/ FM radio; it is empty and thus ready to tune-in to a plethora of sequences, empty from pre-existing material, ready to receive signals and transform from within, allowing invisible impulses and qualities to emerge’.
In this workshop we will experiment with organic movement, butoh walk and slow motion, allowing the body to encounter time horizons and delicate sensations of various spontaneous qualities deriving from the environment. We will experiment with how our bodies can potentially transform time and space.
The warm up includes Tai-chi and Qi Kung exercises, Alexander Technique approaches, diverse martial arts related methods, Martha Graham inspired exercises, breathing techniques and Scaravelli inspired Yoga
We will mostly focus on guided improvisations accompanied by improvised electric violin sounds from the Japanese musician Takatsuna Mukai.
This workshop is suitable for visual artists, sculptors, performance makers, dancers, actors, writers and anyone who wants to incorporate butoh aesthetic in their work.
The workshop is open to everyone, regardless the level of experience, complete beginners are especially welcome.

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