Prana Vinyasa Flow
Alessandra Pecorella  |  Sun 11:45 a.m.-1 p.m.  |  Drop in £13
Vinyasa Flow yoga is an energetic and dynamic style of yoga originated in India by Krishnamacharya and in continuous evolution in the West.

In particular Alessandra, who is the first Uk Affiliate Prana Flow Trainer, as authorised by her teacher Shiva Rea to teach Modules of the prestigious Samudra Teacher Training, integrates her scientific background to suit the Western practitioner inquisitive mind.

Sri Krishnamacharya defined Vinyasa as any cycle with a beginning, middle and end, the intelligent unfolding of a sequence in practice, life or nature.

Flow : to move in one direction, especially continuously and easily. The term Flow that we are relating to in our experience of Yoga is an “unbroken stream of awareness”.

Prana: the Force that drives Evolution in Nature (Life Force / Electricity).

The class flows into a wave motion through cycles of intelligent and creative sequences –vinyasas- linked together through the breath-wave.

The class is set to music to promote the connection with our inherent rhythm, the Intelligence that keeps us alive.
Starting with stillness and awareness on the breath and on our current state, we begin setting an intention/Sankalpa. After chanting Om (or a short mantra) we shift to the practice of activating yoga asanas, pranayama , mudras, bandhas, kriyas – that is informed by the energetics of the group and unfolds according to a specific Bhav/mood – and theme, that is appropriate for the time of the day and season. The class is punctuated by one or more peak asanas and followed by counter poses. In the last part of the class, asanas are chosen to soothe the nervous system in preparation for shavasana /relaxation.

This class is open to all the students with a keen interest in the richness, benefits and relevance of the Yoga Tradition.