Ben McEwen Facilitates ProDance Training
INVITED ARTIST  |  Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  |  £6
27th-30th January


Flying Low is a technique initiated by David Zambrano that uses simple movement patterns and principles (such as spiralling and alternating between expansion and cohesion) to dance our whole selves in, out and along the floor with speed, efficiency and pleasure.


Ben is a dancer. He graduated from TrinityLaban before going on to complete the training cycle at PARTS, where he had the opportunity to study with David Zambrano, the initiator of Flying Low. Now he regularly works as a performer and researcher for Vera Tussing and others. He also enjoys aikido, hiking, barefoot running and tea.

DUO OFFER: 1 MORNING YOGA (9:30-10:30am) + 1 PRO-DANCE TRAINING (11-12:30pm) for £15.
We want to encourage dancers to make Yoga an integral part of their training!