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Yin Club: Thy will be still.

In yin yoga we use long held postures to release blockages in prana (or qi) in the body. We work deep into the fascia and connective tissue in the body to a place your regular dynamic yoga practice won't access. We will open up the energy channels (nadis/meridians) and try to move this energy through the body, releasing tension, stress, tightness but also emotions, thoughts and vrittis (fluctuations of the mind). Working from the Anamaya Kosha to the Pranamaya Kosha (The physical to the energetic sheath).
Increasingly, experienced vinyasa yoga practitioners find the slow passive release of yin is a much needed complement to their regular dynamic "yang" practice. It will be challenging physically and mentally but in a more unexpected way for those who think that Yin is just about "doing nothing". It is the Andrex of Yoga, soft and strong. We will work through traditional yin yoga postures and some that may be new to all.

"See your thoughts, don't be your thoughts."

Yin Club teachers on rotation from the Yoga People School, students of Paul Grilley Yin Yoga.


SUNDAY 23th July Ale Donoso
SUNDAY 30th July Daniela Olds
SUNDAY 13tg July Alan Ellma

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