Ly – Chi Gung (c)
Tao Chi Kai  |  Fri 8 p.m.-9:30 p.m.  |  £10 drop in
Ly - Chi Gung is the Chinese equivalent of India’s Yoga, bought to the Shaolin Monastery by the travelling Indian Buddhist monk Bodhidharma in the 5th century. Upon his arrival, Bodhidharma noticed that the Zen Buddhist monks were weak and fragile so to combat this, he taught them exercises that were designed to improve internal and external strength that he derived from the hatha and raja yoga practices from his native India. His teachings were based on the movement of eighteen animals including the dragon, snake, tiger, monkey and crane.
Join us to get a deeper connection to your inner landscape and landmarks. Cultivate your will power, integrity and steadfastness. Classes are fun, playful and free-flowing.


Born in Vietnam, Kai and his family escaped war-torn Vietnam in 1979 as political refugees and has been a British resident ever since. His family tradition Chi Gung along with the practice of mindful meditation has been practiced in his family for many generations and it is said that his forefather was a general of the guards for the Lý Dynasty in Vietnam 1009-1054.

“We have always practiced in secrecy because it was a crime punishable by death in Vietnam... our family knowledge survived times of war and helped those in need during times of crisis.”

Kai is passionate about sharing his family knowledge with those seeking a re-connection with their inner well-being and understands the stresses and strains of modern living. Patient and aware of every ones abilities and needs he loves playful teaching and unlike his father, does not teach with a regimental stick!

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