Mark Rietema facilitates Contact Improvisation Training
Fri 11 a.m.-12:40 p.m.  |  £6
The Art of Underdancing

In this class we will look at the theme of 'support preceding movement' and underdancing. By finding our ground and place in space we can find ease and clarity of articulation in our dance. From softly yielding to counterthrusting we will explore our relationship to the support of the floor and how we can take this into our partner dances by becoming the floor for others, enabling them to stay released and responsive to the nuances of the dance.


Mark Rietema has danced, explored and studied Contact Improvisation for over 14 years.
Originally from Germany he has lived in Ireland, Scotland and London for most of his adult life.
He graduated from Goldsmiths University with an MA in Community Arts and has performed and facilitated improvisation, performances and participatory video work mainly in the UK and US.
His studies and qualification in Body-Mind Centering brought him to currently train in Process Oriented Psychology and he now practices as a trainee psychotherapist and somatic movement educator.
Mark teaches Somatics and CI regularly in London and abroad.

DUO OFFER: 1 MORNING YOGA (9:30-10:30am) + 1 PRO-DANCE TRAINING (11-12:30pm) for £14
We want to encourage dancers to make Yoga an integral part of their training!