Oliver Sale facilitatesProDance training
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  |  £6
week 15th-18th July

Sessions are focused around finding freedom in the act of dancing. Starting in silence, we begin with breath work, looking to connect ourselves to the core of all movement. From there we will engage in a number of guided improvisations designed to mobilise and strengthen the body. Within these exercises we will help build confidence to dance with people and to push ourselves through freedom. Classes end in dynamic phrases taking inspiration from contemporary floor work, capoeira and the work of Company Chameleon. Bio:

Oliver Sale is a freelance movement artist, spoken word poet, and aerialist living and working in the UK. Having completed his vocational training at the Rambert School in 2016, he has spent the years since graduating touring nationally and internationally with companies such as Company Chameleon, Autin Dance Theatre, and Julia James-Griffiths Dance. Alongside his company work, Oliver has developed his own creative practice, focusing on the ideas of freedom and play as an opportunity to reveal deep truth in movement. Through platforms such as Rambert’s ‘The Playground’, and the Irish Aerial Creation Centre’s ‘Creative Intensive’ Oliver has produced a number of works that have been praised for their openness, honesty, and unique creative voice. Oliver also commits daily to the study of Tarot cards, and through his affinity for serious play, has found a wonderful new freedom in the art of tree climbing.