Sabrina Gargano facilitates ProDance training
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  |  £6
The class is very physical and dynamic, drawing from Sabrina's backgroung and experience as a professional dance artist. The class includes exercises that allows to connect breath and body, improvvisation, floor work, which is very enriched by the using of spyrals, fast transitions to challenge coordination and stamina and a big influence of capoeira which is inspiring Sabrina's work since five years.. Those elements are fused into a practice which has a focus in grounding, efficiency, fluidity and connection through space and in and out of the floor through acrobatic transitions.

Sabrina is a free-lance dance artist. After completing the Professional Development Jasmin Vardimon Course JV2 in 2014, Sabrina performed in U.K. and abroad. She collaborated with PanicLab Dance Theatre (U.K.), Gregory Maqoma for Companhia Instàvel (Portugal), Tom Dale (U.K.) Company Idem (Switzerland) ,Ciemulator Dance Theatre (Switzerland), Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre (U.K.) Richard Chappell (U.K.), Fuora Dance Project (U.K.), Victoria Fox for //Tribe (U.K.), Mafalda Deville for Companhia Instavel (Portugal), Becky Namgauds and Jasmin Vardimon. Sabrina also collaborates with Verena Schneider, their duet was performed in Italy, London and North Ireland. She was commissioned to choreograph the youth company at The Point, Pera University, Lincoln University. She teaches workshops in the U.K. and around Europe, Sabrina is also an Education Facilitator for Jasmin Vardimon.