Mandala Vinyasa Yoga
Lita Satvva  |  Thur 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.  | 
Mandala is a vinyasa flow system, where the sequence is designed to be a 360 movement around the mat, creating a geometric figure using all directions.
The methodology used in this class is related to the four elements, air, fire, water and earth and also with chakras. These elements are based on the Mayan Calendar.
Each element has a different sequence and a related part of the body, the front, the back, the outside and the inside.
As an example in the Air element, we will work the front part of the body creating backbend movements, elongating and stretching the quadriceps, hips flexors, abdominal region, the front part of the neck and the inside of the arms. The related chakra to this element is the fourth chakra, Anahata chakra. The class starts and end with some yin poses, to warm up the part of the body that we will work mostly during the flow.

This magic mandala sequence is a ritual where through the asana practise you will be more connected with the subtle energies inside you. Come and discover these beautiful sequences and dive in this meditation in movement.


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