Flow & Restore
Erika Chartres  |  Sat 1:15 p.m.-2:30 p.m.  |  £16 drop in

Yoga is important aspect of Erika’s life, with a background of training in Dance and Pilates movement has always been a central focus to her life. The ancient science of Yoga has offered the techniques and space to marry movement, breath and mindfulness into one practice. Classes are offered in a Vinyasa style of traditional Raja Dhiraja Yoga to not only work on alignment, strength and flexibility but also to balance the nervous and endocrine system to help leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised.

Erika began teaching after experiencing the positive effects of Pilates and Yoga during dance training for body conditioning, clarity of mind and overall wellbeing.
Erika is a continual student of Somatic movement, meditation and energy work which naturally aid her ability to hold space for all practitioners to deepen their experience. Erika's holistic approach to teaching interweaves a breath led practice with creative sequencing and alignment so a natural flow is found in both body and mind. Erika trained with STOTT Pilates, AiM movement with Gary Ward, Raja Dhiraja Yoga with Ganga Devi, Vinyasa Yoga with Mollie Morris and Yin Yoga with Sarah Lo.