The Yoga Teacher Training Course with TripYoga-TripSpace

Dec. 1, 2019, 6:52 p.m. by Montse



Yoga Alliance Approved Course:

With this high standard of training, our graduates are equipped to apply for teaching roles or establish their own classes with full confidence!

Convenient Course Dates:

The course runs May-September 2020 across Bank Holidays, Saturdays and a 5-day intensive retreat..
This carefully designed scheduling permits access for those who have ongoing work or family commitments.
Study over this timeframe also allows you to comfortably absorb and embody the theory and practice as we progress through the modules of the course.
On Bank Holidays and Saturdays, the course is taught at the spacious TripSpace Studio in the vibrant area of Shoreditch, London (easily accessed by mainline train routes and London Transport).
The course concludes with a 5-day intensive in a retreat where you are supported and nourished with delicious food and scenic, relaxing surroundings whilst taking teaching assessments.

The specific 2020 dates are:

3x Bank Holiday weekends
8th -9th -10th May
22nd-23rd -24th-25th May
28th -29th -30th -31st August

13 x Saturdays (from 3pm)
16th, 30th May
6th,20th,27th June
4th, 11th, 15th, 25th July
1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd August

1x 5 day Learning Retreat
29th September (arrival afternoon/evening) - 4th October 2020(departure in the morning)

Integrated and Embodied Approach to Learning:

The course is designed to integrate all aspects of the yoga tradition (poses, anatomy, philosophy, meditation) in an informed yet non-dogmatic way.
Traditional teachings are aligned with up-to-date anatomical knowledge and the awareness of the contemporary evolution of yoga practices.
Modules on anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics establish a strong foundation for understanding of the body and intelligent movement so that you can teach knowledgeably, safely and inclusively.
Modules on yogic philosophy and history inform and inspire your teaching and personal practice.
Every day on the training begins with a group practice so you can embody the principles taught in the various modules and deeply advance your own personal practice.
We believe this approach inspires you to develop your unique teaching voice, encouraging you to keep expanding your knowledge whilst building on a solid, rich, and well-informed methodology.

Informed and Creative Approach to Teaching:

The training includes modules on a variety of skills in creating and leading classes, drawing on the anatomical and philosophical modules and encouraging you to develop your own creative voice as a teacher.
We focus on a variety of methods of devising and theming inclusive classes and how to use your voice and language in instruction.
You have plenty of time to practice your teaching skills throughout the course so that you feel fully confident for your final assessment and ready to step into teaching!
We also cover a full range of topics in the business aspects of yoga so that you can present your skills professionally and uniquely and be prepared and excited to build your teaching practice after graduation!

Gain a Wide Vocabulary of Teaching Skills in Vinyasa Flow Yoga:

Vinyasa Flow is an energetic and (as the name suggests) flowing form of yoga practice that allows great scope for creativity in sequencing poses and theming classes.
The TripYoga Teacher training course covers all the anatomical and philosophical background principles and class-planning skills to empower you to create and lead inspiring and nourishing classes for your future students.

Includes Modules in Yin, Restorative and Pre and Post-natal Yoga:

Exciting additional components of the TripYoga training are the modules on Yin, Restorative and Pre- and Post-natal yoga.
Yin yoga is a slow and meditative practice of longer-held poses with the body in passive mode (for the most part) to benefit the deep, connective tissues of the body.
Restorative yoga is the art of relaxation - with long-held, passive poses supported with props to bring a deep sense of ease to body and mind.
Pre- and Post-natal yoga is the knowledge of adapting poses appropriately for the body in these stages of life to nourish and support the mum-to-be or new mum in her yoga practice.
Each of these sessions grounds you in the principles and practice of these beautiful forms of yoga that may be appropriately added to Vinyasa Flow to enrich the classes you offer and importantly, allow you to include pre- and post-natal students in your classes.
You may then build upon this knowledge to offer specific classes in these individual practices, widening the scope of classes you can offer.

Learn from instructors with extensive teaching experience and specialist knowledge:

Amanda Walker

Amanda has been a regular teacher at TripYoga since 2014.
She has been teaching public, corporate and private yoga classes and workshops (to practitioners and yoga teachers) in London for the last 7 years and has over 5000 hours of teaching experience.
She is fully qualified in Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Pre- and Post-natal yoga.
Her background in dance and visual arts brings a rich element of creativity to her sequencing and she is devoted to continuous learning as both teacher and practitioner.
Her specialist qualifications in anatomy and extensive study of yogic philosophy also inform and inspire her practices and she is passionate about the intelligent combining of the traditional teachings of yoga with up-to-date knowledge of anatomical alignment and bio-mechanics.
Her classes are welcoming and inclusive, offering a wide vocabulary of variations of poses so that every practitioner can explore their optimum potential within both the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga - both on and off the yoga mat.
Amanda also combines her visual art with yoga in creating hand-drawn and highly detailed mandalas and this has greatly enriched her practice and study of meditation and its various forms and lineages. This meditative drawing practice deeply informs and inspires her creativity in devising her classes.

Roberto Rubalcava

When Roberto discovered yoga “he found a place where everything is fine” Since then his practice has spanned eleven years and he has been teaching for the last Five.
Roberto’s extensive experience is also varied in influence, which is why you’ll discover the full spectrum when it comes to his classes. But whether you’re upside down in a fast-paced dynamic flow, or completely still, in a restorative class, you’re in good hands.
Credentials and specialist training:
200-hour YTT Frog Lotus Yoga International, Vajrasati 500-hour advanced training on Modern Postural Yoga with Jim Tarran, 150-hour Advanced training with Stretch and he still continues his studies Roberto loves creating a fun environment while focusing on body alignment, breath, mind, heart and energy with challenging and original sequences.

Become a welcome member of the TripSpace community with your TripYoga PASSPORT:

TripYoga-TripSpace is well known for being a friendly, welcoming, family-run studio. We offer a wide and high-quality programme and host some of the most experienced teachers in London.
As part of the course you receive a TripYoga PASSPORT (including a number of free and discounted class passes) enabling you to practice in our beautiful studio regularly and observe a variety of exemplary classes...welcome to the TripYoga Family!

Business skills to step into professional life as a yoga teacher:

This course is thoughtfully designed to equip you not only with a thorough grounding in the practice and teaching of yoga but also with a detailed knowledge of practical and professional business development skills.
We include modules on how to develop your professional profile as a teacher so that you are able to start establishing your career as soon as you graduate from the training.

Topics we cover include:

- How to identify your unique voice as a teacher and present this effectively across online (and other) platforms.
- How to build long-lasting connections with your students and fellow professionals to support your teaching, classes and your relationships and resources within the wider yoga community.
- How to establish your group and public classes, build a private and/or corporate client base and create and promote workshops and retreats to build a well-rounded and sustainable business as a yoga teacher.


Entry requirements, process and application form:

1. A minimum of 2 years’ consistent yoga practice is required for application.
2. Applications are open from the 1st of December 2019
3. You will hear from us within two weeks from receipt of application!
4. Please read the online prospectus fully. Most information and answers to FAQ’s are provided here. If you have any further questions there is opportunity to do so on the application form and our Lead Trainers will be pleased to reply.
5. In order to apply to the course please complete and send THIS application form to

There is no fee to submit your application form.


What does the course cover?:

The training includes the following:

- Regular Vinyasa Flow group practices led by Lead Trainers and guest teachers
- Extensive Asana (Pose) Analysis - including progressions, alternatives and modifications
- The History and Philosophy of Yoga - including the Sutras and 8-Limb Path
- Experiential Anatomy - including principles of alignment, movement fundamentals & biomechanics
- Subtle and Energetic Anatomy
- Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting, Mudras and Mantra
- Teaching Methodology - skills and techniques for teaching creatively, accurately, safely and inclusively to open level group classes.
- Creative class-planning techniques.
- Modules in the principles, practice and teaching of Yin, Restorative, Pre- and Post-natal Yoga,
- Thorough guidance on Assisting Techniques - offering both verbal and hands-on adjustments- and how to offer sensitive and appropriate touch for assisting.
- Teaching Practice – developed in manageable increments of ‘live’ teaching time towards teaching a full 60-minute Vinyasa Flow class.
- The course requires some home study - including reading, journaling, preparing, observing and attending classes.
Weaving together all of these components inspires you to develop your unique, creative teaching voice whilst building on a solid, rich, and well-informed teaching methodology.

How much is the course?

The course is £2,750.

To secure your place after successful application, we require a non-refundable deposit of £500.
You have the option to pay in 3 instalments of £750 after the initial deposit.
Price excludes accommodation , flights and transfers to the 5days retreat.

What is included in the price?

The course fees include group tuition, individual and group feedback and mentoring, course manuals, handouts, assessments, certificate, and a “TripYoga PASSPORT” that will include participation in 20 classes and observation of 3 classes at TripSpace.

Additional budget required for:

1. Travel and Accommodation for the 5 days abroad as part of the intensive learning retreat .
2. Purchase of a few key texts from the recommended reading list (many used copies of books are available online for just a few pence or can be obtained through good libraries)
3. Personal Liability insurance for when you begin to teach. The prices vary according to insurer but average around £100 per annum for a reasonable cover policy.

We strongly advise that before/ during or soon after completing the course trainees gain First Aid certification

What are the graduation requirements?

Qualification requires:
- Successfully passing the final assessment. This requires teaching a 60-minute Vinyasa Flow class to your peers. This is observed and assessed by the course Lead Trainers.
- Maintaining a regular yoga practice

- Observing and recording notes for 3 classes with different teachers at TripYoga (included in TripYoga PASSPORT)
- Attending (and logging) 20 classes at a studio of preference (NB: classes at TripSpace are included in the TripYoga PASSPORT)

Will I get first hand teaching experience?

There are plenty of teaching opportunities throughout the course. The standards of the training are high but we wish the learning process to be enjoyable and empowering and to bring the very best out of each one of our trainees.
Beginning early in the course with 1-2-1 peer teaching of a single pose, we progress in manageable increments of practice-teaching time until the final assessment where you will teach a small group of peers in a 60-min Vinyasa Flow class.
The Lead Trainers, Amanda and Roberto, support and guide you throughout with plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions, experiment and receive feedback so that by the final assessment you are prepared, confident and teaching in the class scenario that will enable you to step straight into professional teaching after your graduation.

Where does the course take place?

The London-based part of the course takes place at TripSpace , in the heart of East London (Haggerston, Hackney) in a beautifully converted railway arch beside the enchanting Regent's Canal.
Address: Arch 339. Acton Mews, E8 4EA, Haggerston, London

Click link for map

Nearest Tube: Haggerston Overground Station (Studio is 2 minute walk from station) or Liverpool Street Underground/Mainline Station
Bus: 149-242-243-67 (alighting on Kingsland Road)

The last part of the course will take place as a 5-day intensive learning retreat in residence in Italy.

This part of the course is held within a supportive and nurturing environment for the group collectively and individually.
Community support and friendships are important elements of a yoga teacher’s quality of life and work and we intend that this time on the intensive further develops connections with your peers and teachers that will serve and support you into the future.
The 5-day intensive completes the syllabus of learning and teaching practice and also includes the final assessments.
Our wish is that being in such relaxing surroundings with delicious and nutritious meals prepared for you that you are in the most supportive possible environment to give your best to your final assessment.

What if I can't make all the lessons?

You will be expected to attend 100% of the course in order to satisfy TripYoga’s graduation requirements and to meet the Yoga Alliance standards.
In the unlikely event that you might miss a module, you will be asked to take it privately at a cost of: £100/hour.
This can be shared between multiple students if applicable.

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