July 11, 2020, 5:45 p.m. by Giuliana

DAY 2 SATURDAY 19th September


Walking with Wonder

TIME 8:45-9:45am

A dynamic session blending yoga and mixed movement exploring various creative interpretations of ‘walking with wonder’. We will be playing with fluid weight shift across the feet, discovering various expressions of grounding and lifting, balancing and falling through challenging leg balances. A yoga block or similar alternative is needed for this session.

David Kam is a movement artist and yogi weaving over 15 years of mindfulness, somatic and artistic research including degrees in architecture and dance. David is currently undertaking a specialist diploma in Choreological Studies, exploring movement through the lens of Laban’s framework. David offers a bravespace of movement and conversation advocating #selfdare by creating playful situations for others to rediscover themselves with wonder. David actively shares his ever-evolving practice with warmth and sincerity to communities across the globe, empowering individuals to navigate any sense of overwhelm through play.


Art-making in an age of uncertainty

TIME 10am-10:45am

What is the role of the artist in times of crisis? What kind of art works should we make? Should we even be making art works? How does escapism fit into all this? This coffee morning is a chance to look at the function of the arts, dance and performance in the current age of crisis. We will discuss how making performance can be a way of processing the past, making sense of the present, and dreaming about the future.

Suitable for All

Seke Chimutengwende is a dancer, improviser, choreographer, movement director and teacher. He has performed for companies such as DV8 Physical Theatre and Lost Dog and has performed solo and group improvisations internationally since 2006. His choreographies include, The Time Travel Piece which was a semi-finalist for The Place Prize 2012 and Black Holes, made in collaboration with Alexandrina Hemsley, which was selected for The British Council Showcase in Edinburgh 2019. Seke has also worked as a movement director for theatre productions at The Yard, Battersea Arts Centre and The Gate Theatre. Seke is a guest teacher at The Rambert School and London Contemporary Dance School.


TIME 11-11:30

Join For a Family focused music & dance session using your household recycling to create the beats A Recycled rave for the whole family...A Kitchen table Jamoboree to get down and boogie.

Collect: tins, pots, tubs & bottles, frying pans and pencil sticks!
View You Tube instructional to build your instruments.
Or simply collect some some sonic objects on the day!
We look forward to seeing you!
For Families


Remembering the “WHY?”

TIME 12-1:30pm

Remember WHY you dance, WHY you enjoy moving your body. WHY you want to do it around others. During this class we will explore moving for pleasure. Starting with a warm up of breath work, yoga and conditioning we’ll prepare our minds and bodies. A research based class, the choice is yours on how much effort to use, to choose what interests you, to choose what you’d like to explore through a series of tasks and improvisations. We’ll explore the space around us, connect as a group (even through the screen) and move to some bangers!

Suitable for professional dancers, movers, performers

Becky Namgauds is a dancer and choreographer based in London. She has worked for The National Theatre & Marianne Elliot, Marion Motin, Holly Blakey amongst others. She has created work for theatres, outdoor festivals, galleries and music videos and has collaborated with Hofesh Shechter Company and LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre). Her show Like Honey was part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019 and her outdoor work Rodadoras tours nationally and internationally.


The wholehearted

TIME 2pm-4pm

Drawing from improvisational and somatic approaches, this workshop intends to create a safe space to research, experiment and allow ourselves to unleash our full potential by breaking away from ingrained movement patterns and destabilising habits.
Maëva will invite you to work from a visceral place in order to achieve integrity, connectivity and totality within the body and within the space.
The shared tools and fundamentals will help dancers and non-dancers deeply reconnect to their Mind and Body, experiencing mindfulness through Movement. Those tools can enrich and reanimate any practice and can be applied to any movement technique or any type of performance work.
Suitable for all

Maëva Berthelot is a choreographer, performer and teacher whose mode of working unfolds along the threshold between experimental, performative and collaborative approaches.
After graduating in 2003 from the Paris Superior Conservatoire of Music and Dance, she has collaborated with artists and companies such as Emanuel Gat, Ohad Naharin, Wayne McGregor, Rambert, Clod Ensemble and spent six years as a senior member with Hofesh Shechter Company, contributing creatively as an original cast member in numerous pieces and as a teacher.
Her work intends to instil a dialogue between material and immaterial realms, drawing attention to the tension between visible/invisible, conscious/unconscious and rehearsed/improvised.

Whilst her research is rooted in a movement practice which is an ongoing inquiry into the themes of consciousness, transformation, healing, death and rebirth, her interest lies in creating cathartic spaces in which the emotional and sensational states related to loss, grief and change can be explored, processed and assimilated into conscious experience.



TIME 4:30-6pm

A relaxed and mindful reminder of your body, putting you calmly in touch with a quiet inner power. From a somatic warm-up we move through a series of simple postures and slow, meditative patterns of movement and breath, to become grounded in body and mind.
Be reminded of your roots through a series of guided movement flows, bringing awareness to your centre and a sense of stability and length. Leave feeling refreshed and energised, centred in the present moment. A class for all movers, held by Matt in the safe, explorative and lighthearted manner for which he has become known in workshops across the world.

Suitable for all

Matt has spent 15 years weaving threads between a professional practice of movement, meditation, dance, acrobatics and yoga. Since 2015 he has been teaching and sharing his physical practice through BODY ROOTS. Matt followed a full-time professional training in acrobatics (Circomedia Circus School, UK) and later conservatoire training in contemporary dance (Northern School of Contemporary Dance, UK) before embarking on a touring career as a performer and teacher. Matt's events have been hosted across the world including workshops in Switzerland, Israel, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Portugal, and across the UK. He lives with his partner in Manchester, Northern England, and continues to teach worldwide in-person and online.


Eleanor Sikorski in conversation with Last Yearz Interesting Negro: On meeting the kids who grew up online and how to make dance work in 2020.

TIME 6:30-7:30

Eleanor Sikorski and Last Yearz Interesting Negro will chat together about dance, choreography and teaching and how it exists online: out of convenience and out of necessity. They have both been working as artists since they graduated together ten years ago and they’ve witnessed a lot of change. They will reflect on how their own work has moved screen-wards and the reasons for that, out of choice and need, and they will share their recent experiences of creating work online with students. Listen in, have a chance to ask your own questions and enjoy their rants and raves.

Suitable for All

Eleanor is a dancer and choreographer based in Nottingham. Her work spans dance, comedy, cabaret, music and film. She runs Nora with fellow dancers Stephanie McMann and Flora Wellesley Wesley: they invite choreographers to make work for them to perform and they teach, write and make films, advocating for dancers' working rights. Eleanor co-runs Roadhouse, aUK-wide improvisation project, with her partner, dance artist Lewys Holt: Roadhouse frames improvisation as a radical and progressive form and creates space for artists to practice performing and for audiences to practice watching.

Jamila Johnson-Small is a London-born and based artist of Caribbean descent. They make performances, (de)compositions between what is held in their own body, the space and the bodies of the spectators. Always relational and thinking cumulatively, moving across spaces, contexts, roles and collaborations, the work gathers and transmits information through inviting others in, creating various constellations to build spaces for dancing, performance, listening and conversation.




On Saturday at 8PM the historical double trouble choreographic duo Giuliana Majo & Jose Vidal will host live our performance evening consisting of a carefully selected collection of videos, screen-dances, digital dance installations created in response to lockdown. REGISTRATION LINK



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Our commitment to navigate these rocky waters is strong and we are here to stay in one way or another.
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