To Celebrate the Kitchen's change of direction towards plant based wholesomeness....

Dec. 9, 2015, 10:03 p.m. by Giuliana
As already announced: from January 2016 we are taking over the kitchen in arch 340.

The desire is to create an experience that is tasty, delicious and complimentary to our yoga and dance studio. We'll be cooking up some fantastic new ideas using locally sourced, fresh organic food, great drinks and a relaxed vibe.
Expect: Wholesome food & cheeky cocktails: locally sourced, consciously produced, made with gratitude and a worldly twist!...

...Here is a quick recipe suggested by one of our kitchen creative collaborators: Nina Deely:

Bircher muesli

Start your day on a good note with calming Bircher muesli.
Soak some raisins in a little apple juice, grate an apple in, add some chopped almonds, half a cup of oats and enough almond milk to cover.
Allow to sit overnight.
In the morning top with yoghurt, tahini, crunchy seeds and spirulina.


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