Anina Grosser

Since her foundational 200 RYT training in the Ashtanga Primary Series and the 'flying' Rocket Yoga 1 and 1.5, Anina is continuously advancing her anatomical, physiological, spiritual and psychological knowledge and awareness.
Anina is now teaching a hybrid of her learnings: A mindfully flowing, alignment based vinyasa class with a particular focus on the spine - sushumna - as our lifeline. Her classes aim to balance yin and yang and internal energies which often get shaken up throughout our hectic day-to-day lives. Students can find an hour or two of calm, through breath, movement and stillness.
With a sequenced warm up, a series of standing postures and core work, Anina aims to build students’ bodily awareness by incorporating techniques of breath and bandhas in a flowing practice.

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social media: @aninayoga // facebook: Anina Yoga