Alessandra Pecorella

Alessandra is a second generation yogini and electronic engineer, has lived according to the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda for nearly three decades. She has studied many traditions such as: Bhakty, Surya , Astanga, Prana Flow, Kriya, Raja, Tantra and Ayurveda with foremost teachers and swamis, from both the East and the West.

She has been a direct student of Swami Kriyananda, Patthabi Jois and a very dedicated student of Shiva Rea ( Prana Flow Yoga). Alessandra is the first Uk Affiliate Prana Flow Trainer, as authorised by Shiva Rea.

Alessandra also holds a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering from The University " La Sapienza" in Rome, Italy with a major on the Electromagnetic Field of the Human Body.

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Amanda Walker

Amanda’s background in dance, visual arts and anatomy influences her approach to teaching, bringing creative sequencing to classical poses and a focus on the potential for fluid movement and strength according to the potential of each individual student. She teaches vinyasa flow, hatha flow and yin yoga and has been teaching yoga in London for the last five years.
Each flow class is a well-rounded practice of initially warming and opening the body, progressing through gentle heat-building and strengthening flows, deep stretching and relaxation.
Amanda enjoys developing new flows and exploring the subtle and infinite possibilities of sequencing to challenge and nurture body and mind on the mat. There is always something new to discover in every practice!

Ann Pidcock

Ann has been teaching Creative Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra across London for the past 9 years. Her original teacher training was 500 hours BWY with Danny DeVille. Since then she has sought out wisdom from many wonderful teachers including Judith Hanson Lasater, Richard Miller and Wendy Haring adding extra texture and depth to this foundation. Her interest in how the body moves is largely influenced by her work in dance, whereas the breathing, asana and esoteric elements stem from her education in Yoga and its rich history of ideas and styles. Ann brings her full heart to class and hopes to teach something you can take off the mat home with you too!

Annie May Rice

Annie has always been very physically active and passionate about movement. She initially began her journey into yoga to stay healthy as a marathon runner, but following a serious running injury, she realised that yoga could be the path to her physical and mental wellbeing and learnt so much about looking after herself and listening to her body. Annie trained in Vinyasa flow yoga with Alessandra Pecorella in London. Annie also writes for women’s and health publications on all things food and fitness. Passionate about food and Ayurvedic lifestyle, Annie is a deeply interested in all aspects of the yogic lifestyle and integrates this into her life and practice.

Bridget Luff

Bridget is a creative and intuitive yoga teacher, devoted to peeling off layers of strain to reveal our essential nature and true wellbeing. Constantly curious, she is always evolving her understanding of the body, breath and awareness. She uses the practice on the mat to return to centre while simultaneously finding space in the body and mind.

Inspired by various teachers and traditions, Bridget crafts a spacious strong sacred flow to nourish and energise you. With her great love of myth and metaphor expect some inspiring themes stitched into the sequence alongside beautiful music, deep real intention and moments of silence.

Eryck Brahmania

Eryck started practising yoga as a professional dancer and completed his teacher training with Claire Missingham, achieving an Outstanding Grade. He teaches creative and fun Vinyasa Flow classes which focus on precision of alignment and the breath. Drawing upon yogic texts as inspiration, he also ensures students are supported by a groovy playlist and hands-on assists.

Francisca Rivas

Francisca Rivas was born in Santiago, Chile. She practices Ashtanga yoga since 2005 and teaches since 2010. She has a degree in Psychology and a Master in Performing Arts. Through her experience as a performer she developed great knowledge of body movement which she include into her yoga classes. Her classes are challenging, uplifting and approachable to everyone. Through this intelligent sequence of postures Francisca's classes build strength, flexibility, concentration and balance, as well as provide the space to discover the sense of lightness and presence of the body.

Harriet Bone

Harriet came to yoga through a background in classical and contemporary dance. She is an Advanced certified Jivamukti yoga teacher, studying with inspiring teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life, Yogeswari and Patrick Broome. Harriet's classes will take you through a dynamic physical practice, aided by thoughtful hands-on assists and with an alignment focus influenced by her knowledge of the body and movement. Classes are always grounded in the five tenets of Jivamukti yoga, set to a wide ranging sound track and creative challenging sequences. Thanks go to all the teachers who have inspired and continue to enrich her practice and teaching.


Every week, Monday to Thursdays from 10:30-12pm, we invite a dance artist to lead ProDance Training.
In the afternoon the invited artist is usually in residence working on his/her latest creation.
We hope like this to provide a framework in which dance practices might travel between and across the contexts of morning class and rehearsal room and encourage relations between training and choreography.
We also hope to create proximity between dance artists and to provide training that is relevant, useful and engaging thecurrent to London's contemporary dance landscape. You can find who is teaching when here: link

Julie Berensten

Julie is a qualified yoga teacher of both adults and children. Her interest in yoga began as a child when she would watch and follow her mum at home. Her love of the practise has stayed with her throughout her childhood, teenage and adult life. She is a trained Primary school teacher and has been teaching across London for 10 years with children from ages 3-11 years old. She trained with Maty Ezraty YogaWorks for Adults and Jo Manuel of the Special Yoga Centre for Children.

Kate Lister

Kate’s exploration of yoga began aged 14, when she found a book of middle-aged women with 70s hair, shiny leotards and very bendy bodies in her grandma’s house. Weirdly, this attracted her. Luckily, she soon found out there was much more to yoga.

With a practice background in Ashtanga yoga, training in Vinyasa Flow, and an aversion to taking life too seriously, Kate shares playful, dynamic, breath-led sequencing with a focus on mindful alignment. She aims to enable students to find a personal practice in each class, so that they may cultivate their own yoga and experience the many ways in which the practice expands all areas of our human life.

Kate is also a professional singer and, having found yoga so supportive of this area of her life, now creates yoga programmes for musicians and performers specifically. She loves to use music in class, and has been known to bust out a tune mid-asana. Song requests welcome!

Leon London

Leon's interest in physical culture started at age 11 with martial arts. He then spent the next two decades exploring various arts, massage therapy, movement and was introduced to haha yoga in his early twenties. Whichever discipline Leon was drawn to, he always found his way back to his yoga mat. Leon has studied Kashmir Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and finally the style he calls home, rocket Yoga. Leon undertook an Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson and furthered his studies with Rocket Training under the supervision of David Kyle then with Jamie Clarke an Dulce Aguilar.

Leon conducts workshops on the " flying" aspects of Rocket around the country and abroad and can often be seen sweating it on the mat!

Leon's sessions will be a rolling flow of inversions, arm balances and floating set to an urban soundtrack! Expect to work hard, sweat hard and surprise yourself along the way!

Marcus Veda

Marcus’ took the road less-travelled to yoga. Fresh out of Uni, he managed to use his degree in philosophy to justify spending his 20s touring the world as an international DJ, remixing and recording as one half of the Loose Cannons. All professional jumping around was put pay to by a bad football tackle and compounded by some ill-fated onstage “breakdance” choices, that led to finally taking a (guru) friend’s advice in trying yoga to get fixed. A need to properly heal the body coincided with a sneaking desire for change in the mind that landed Marcus on the mat… Trying every style of class he could get to on every studio intro-offer in London, he finally landed on dynamic vinyasa and more specifically, the Ashtanga-inspired Rocket system, which satisfied his undying urge to fly. Completing his first 200hrs teacher training with the Yoga People in Goa he went on to further train in advanced progressive ashtanga and Yin Yoga, deepening his appreciation of what yoga can be beyond the asanas that drew him in. He is also part of the Dead Yogis Society, a movement to wipe the gloss off the lips of yoga and return to the breath, sweat and rawness of the practice… Letting (e)go.

Marcus also has a Black Belt in the ancient Japanese martial art of ninjutsu, which he feels compliments his yoga practice, combining self-discipline with freedom of movement, and lightness with control. He gives heartfelt gratitude and respect to his many teachers past and present including Stewart Gilchrist, Alaric Newcombe and Eileen Gaulthier in London, Mula Bandha King, David Kyle in Puerto Rico, The Yoga People- Jamie and Dulce- worldwide, and Larry Schultz up there.

Marta Masiero

First attracted to yoga for its physical benefits, Marta soon became aware of its healing properties, where body and mind find harmony through mindfulness in movement. Trained at Byron Yoga Centre in New South Wales, Australia, Marta teaches a dynamic and invigorating vinyasa flow, with attention to alignment and sensitive adjustments.

Looking to find the connection between breath and movement, her classes aim to build heat, strength and flexibility encouraging students to find conscious embodiment and to approach the challenges with a positive mind and open heart. br>

Mischa Varmuza

Mischa's yoga journey began over a decade ago and slowly began to weave its way through her life; she is continually humbled and inspired by the potential of yoga to transform, expand and heal and is devoted to sharing the practice with others. She is a 500 hour certified teacher and holds enormous gratitude to leading vinyasa flow teacher Claire Missingham with whom she completed her initial 200 hours and went on to assist for some time afterwards. Most recently Mischa finished an additional 300 hour training with her teacher Sianna Sherman who is of enormous influence and inspiration to her. She has now stepped into apprenticeship with Sianna and assists on her workshops and teacher trainings around the world. Mischa has spent over a year in India studying, practicing and visiting sacred sites and it holds a special place in her heart.

Mischa teaches a heartfelt practice with creative sequencing, a deep focus on breath and alignment and a combination of strong steady flow and longer holds to both uplift and tap into the stillness. She draws her understanding from a number of styles and traditions, particularly inspired by the philosophy and practices of the Tantric lineage. Her classes are woven with philosophy, myth and stories and often include music, chanting, meditation and ritual. Mischa's teaching is passionate and knowledgeable, her intention is to both challenge and restore, holding a space for individuals to open, reflect and absorb. You will be taken on a joyful journey of self inquiry and unfolding. Mischa is committed to her own study and practice as the foundation of her teaching.

Paula Andreewitch

Paula’s personal practice of over 13 years is the basis of her teaching. Her intention whilst teaching is to hold space that facilitates practitioners to dive into their own experience of the practice, unfolding slowly to find space and freedom in body and mind.

Her joyful approach integrates traditional teachings into creative, soulful, and intelligent flow. Classes generally begin on the ground and unravel into full spectrum practices that are both challenging and relaxing. She encourages listening deeply, responding mindfully, and exploring the mind - body with curiosity and open awareness. Her background in the Brazilian dance/play/martial art, Capoeira Angola, of which she is also a teacher, brings a playful and experimental element to her classes.

As a teen she practiced with traditional teachers in South India, and has been a student of Nicole Aarons (Soma Yoga) for 12 years. She completed a classical teacher training with Ganga Devi (Himalayan Yoga Institute) and is honoured to have been an assistant teacher on both Nicole and Ganga’s teacher trainings. Since 2014 she has been practicing with Jean Hall, and her practice and teaching are also deeply inspired and influenced by Vanda Scaravelli and Giovanni Felicioni.

As well as teaching yoga, she facilitates Theatre of the Oppressed workshops around the UK, and delivers life coaching and training to inner city young people in London.

For more about Paula, visit : or find her on Instagram @parvatiyoga and facebook Paula Andreewitch Yoga

Roberto Rubalcava

Roberto teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Restorative yoga for the past two years. He focuses on body alignment, the focusing of breath, mind, heart and energy while creating challenging and original sequences.

Roberto completed his 200-hour teacher training at 'Frog Lotus Yoga International,' where he studied under Carl Faure, Vidya Heisel and Emily-Clare Hill. Frog Lotus having sparked his enthusiasm in teaching, Roberto decided to pursue his yoga career and is currently attending the 500-hr advanced training on 'Modern Postural Yoga' at 'Vajrasati Yoga' with Jim Tarran. This practice incorporates various influences such as Tantra, Raja, Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism.

Roberto is also a qualified Practitioner in Therapeutic Massage, anatomy and physiology from the London College of Massage since 2011, he is also Reiki Level 2 attuned and and holds a first aid certificate from the Red Cross.

Roberto was born in Mexico City and has been practising yoga for the last eleven years of his life.

Rosie Blake

Rosie was introduced to yoga in her late teens by her mother whilst living in Oman, and found this a natural progression from her love of movement. She discovered her own regular practise with Sivananda teacher Robin-Ann Meyer, while studying at Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall. Rosie's 10 year practise of has taken her to Vietnam and Costa Rica, trained with Yogacampus, London and is very excited to be training under Rod Stryker later this year


Exercises are like prose,

whereas yoga is the poetry of movements.

Once you understand the grammar of Yoga,

you can write your poetry of movement.

-Amit Ray

Tammy Mittell

Tammy is a Senior Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher, I have +8 years & +4000 hours of teaching experience and +1000 hours of training. She has practiced yoga since the age of 14. I am a life-long yoga student and studied for an MA in Yoga Philosophy & Meditation at SOAS University. I have also trained as a Pilates instructor.

Her training and teaching experience allows her to combine traditional Indian Yoga styles with a contemporary western approach to authentically help guide others to find their own love for, and benefits from Yoga.

She practices and teaches many styles of yoga and honour my teachers Shane Perkins, Dr Senthil, Shiva Rea, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Jivamukti, Richard Freeman and Edward Clark & Paul Grilley. I teach a wide range of people, from professional footballers and snowboarders to pregnant and postnatal ladies and the over-65?s.

Her approach to teaching is student-focused so she adapt to meet the needs and energies of the class.

Music is a prominent feature of class and sequences flow with rhythm and beat. Classes can be dynamic and uplifting yet always move toward inner stillness.

Toby Field

Since his first encounter with Yoga, Toby has been continually fascinated with the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. It's ability to keep us soft, centred and provide a 'fresh' perspective is what draws him to the mat each day. Toby's teaching style is open and welcoming, he encourages people of all ages and abilities to experience the benefits of yoga in a safe environment. He has practised and learned directly from his teacher Cary Perkins and continues to visit the home of Sharath Jois in Mysore, South India. Toby promotes self-focus and independence to help students discover a practise that will best serve them as individuals.

Youla Faita

Youla has been studying the art and science of Yoga since 2003, inspired by its healing and transformative effects. Her intention is to impart to her students the many benefits she has received through her own practice and studies. Youla teaches strong but accessible Vinyasa Flow classes with emphasis on alignment, breath and creative sequencing, offering a non-dogmatic, non-judgemental space where students can develop an authentic and holistic practice. Youla is certified with Yoga Alliance and completed her initial Teacher Training in the styles of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. She has also undertaken training in Yin and restorative Yoga and is influenced by the Iyengar method and the science of Ayurveda. She is currently completing her advanced training with leading Vinyasa Flow teacher, Alessandra Pecorrella to whom she is extremely grateful.