Contemporary Dance & Injury Workshop with Arianna Pisano & Guest
SAT 8th February 2020  |  3 p.m.-7 p.m.
SAT 7th March 2020  |  3 p.m.-7 p.m.
SAT 4th April 2020  |  3 p.m.-7 p.m.
£50/£40 Ealy Bird
8th of February: Aneta. Zwierzynska Topic: hip

7th of March: with Sabrina Gargano. Topic: knee

4th of April: with Ben McEwen . Topic: foot

The purpose of this workshop is to give dancers education and tools to deal with minor injuries that may affect a dancer’s training, performance and career.

Nowadays, there is so much research and money put into injury prevention, but what about injury reduction?
As a matter of fact, dancers get injured all the time and most of their injuries are non-traumatic (e.g.: muscle strain, repetitive stress injury, minor ligament sprain etc.).
The question is: what can dancers do when a non-traumatic injury occurs? How can dancers achieve good recovery? The workshop will start with a contemporary dance class followed by the interactive injury talk, divided into three parts:

- First part: a brief explanation of the body response to an injury and what is best to do in this short time frame in order to avoid for the injury to become chronic and debilitating.
- Second part: specific joint anatomy discussion with body painting. Dancers will work together drawing on each other the anatomical body part discussed. This is because visualization and touch help speed up the learning process, especially for dancers.
- Third part: focused on movement. Research suggests that movement is key in healing from a non-traumatic injury. Therefore, this part of the workshop will focus on how we can move parts of our body on our own and/or with somebody else help. I will also show few techniques that dancers can use to decrease tissue tension and pain in order to achieve proper recovery. “

Arianna Pisano

Arianna trained as a dancer since the age of 10.
She lived in the UK from 2010 to 2019 where she was employed by several ballet and neo-classical companies.
She also performed at the Rose Theatre Bankside in London, with a physical theatre company and was hired as lead dancer in a Fashion Film.
Along side of her dance career, she gained a qualification as Pilates Instructor. In 2018 Arianna qualified as an osteopath at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Since graduating Arianna worked for two clinics in the Greater London area, where she treated patients of all age and kind.
Since January 2019 Arianna joined the Centre of Advance Training (CAT) team at the London Contemporary Dance School (the PLACE). In this program she collaborates with other osteopaths and physiotherapists devising screening protocols, whilst assisting and treating elite level adolescent dancers.
Since July 2019 Arianna moved to Bologna (It) where she is continuing working as an Osteopath and Pilates instructor. She is still collaborating with the London Contemporary Dance School in London once a month.