Yoga & Herbs with Lita & Lee
SAT 15th February 2020  |  3 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
More Info:

Remembering Self-Care - Loving YOU

Yoga & Healing Herbs is an uplifting workshop series, designed by Lita and Lee, to bring you the enlightening benefits of these two transformational, and nourishing practises.

Taking place on Valentine’s weekend, there is no better time to reconnect with, and celebrate your divine relationship with yourself. This workshop is for everyone, no need to be an advanced practitioner.

In this session, dedicated to honouring self with love, we will be exploring opportunities to express and encourage grounding, joy and tenderness, with the use of yoga asana and healing herbs in your everyday life.

Yoga Therapy:

Expect an hour and a half of illuminating, guided pranayama following the theme of self-love, as well as, an exploration of Yoga asana designed to help your Anahata (Heart) Chakra thrive.
We will show you how to combine these together, to create a brief flow sequence, and mantra that you can incorporate as a part of your daily practise and self-care routine.

Healing Herbs:

Over two hours we will explore, the history, energetics and healing properties of some of our favourite herbs for nourishing body, heart, mind and spirit.
We will cover ways to use, and harness their benefits in simple every day applications.

This session will cover:

-Guided Pranayama;
-Yoga pose deconstruction and discussion;
-Yoga heart led flow to incorporate in daily practise;
-Brief history of selected healing herbs;
-Hands on smudge stick crafting using local, indigenous herbs for energy purifying;
-Practical herbal tea blend creation;

You will leave elevated, and illuminated.

Join us for 3.5 hours of an immersive experience of yoga and healing herbs, rooted in joy and love.

About the hosts:


Yoga teacher based in London. Devoted to bringing back awareness to people by providing, through yoga, footsteps towards a spiritual practice.
Ahimsa is the driving virtue behind her actions.
Passionate about the healing power of plants.


A long time explorer of healing landscapes and traditions X BSC medical herbalist in training. Passionate about helping the wider world reconnect with our herbal healing heritage.