Collective Training & Shared Practice
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur 10:30 a.m.-noon  | 
Currently this project is an exchange between TripSpace and invited artists whose practice we want to support via a practice based discourse.

COLLECTIVE TRAINING is open to all: the more the merrier!

SHARED PRACTICE is for limited numbers: apply via a written statement: click here for details link

Mornings are £5 each day and for the afternoons we ask for donations only.

You can only attend Shared Practice if you have attended Collective Training.


MON 26th January 2015
10:30 a.m.­ 12noon Collective Training
1p.m.­ 4p.m. Shared Practice

TUE 27th January 2015
10:30 a.m.­ 12noon Collective Training
1:30p.m.­ 4.30p.m. Shared Practice

WED 28th January 2015
10:30 a.m.­ 12noon Collective Training
1:30p.m.­ 4.30p.m. Shared Practice.

THU 29th January 2015
10:30 a.m.­ 12noon Collective Training
1:30p.m.­ 4.30p.m. Shared Practice

COLLECTIVE TRAINING and SHARED PRACTICE: How do we train and to facilitate what?

If you had years of professional training but you continue to copy others in their training is something wrong?
What is your training and what is your practice ­ this we give time to invest so as to define values, tastes and preferences from an embodied somatic point of view.

With these Encounters we facilitate ourselves and invite you to participate in all our and your practices ­ or the making of a practice. Whatever your concern is or will be, it has the chance to be contextualised, not judged.
Other people’s methods and approaches will feed you depending on what you want to take in. There is no ‘must’ but coexistence which is laid out as a means to support one another.

This project stems from our need to make time and space for an unpressured but in depth practice and a curiosity about each others work. We demand, No more classes of ‘I could have done this myself, better possibly, no probably, because this is not quite my line of interest.’
You may never learn enough from others but there comes a time when you know ... you just have not had the opportunity to articulate it properly and repeatedly so as to create methods and real interests.

This kind of space of self invested but shared explorations is unusual but we deem it important and suppose others do too. In Europe they do.

This is a collaboration between Anne­Gaelle Thiriot, Tania Soubry, Fernanda Munoz­Newsome and Laura Doehler, with the latter being the initiator of the project. Trip Space is supporting this project and invites artists who circle around Trip especially to come and join and meet each other through this studio based exchange.

This project is facilitated by

Laura Doehler
holds a BA in Dance Theatre (TrinityLaban, UK) and an MA in Performance Making (Goldsmiths University, UK). She danced with h2dance (UK), Codigodance (P) and Performdance (DE) for many years and has been teaching company classes, worked as guest lecturer and workshop facilitator in the UK and across Europe. Since 2004 she hosts EXIT MAP (, a cross­disciplinary performance platform which utilises improvisation as a major tool of work. The Shared Training and Practice is her main research since about two years.

Tania Soubry
from the Conservatoire of Luxembourg Tania went on to study at SEAD and TrinityLaban, danced with EDge at LCDS and completed an MA in Performance Making (Goldsmiths University). She has been supported via DanceWeb and a one year Boost program through Trois C­L, enabling eight residencies in Europe for her project beat’n’shine. Tania works with a variety of performance artists, teaches dance and presents her own performance work in Europe, Canada and Hong Kong.

Anne­Gaëlle Thiriot
As dancer, teacher and dance­maker, her main interest is improvisation and composition. Her research links anatomy, voice and movement to function, abstraction and expressivity. She studied at TrinityLaban and sought a great variety of Ci teachers to learn from over the past years. She is a certified choreologist and lectures for TrinityLaban and Winchester University. Presently she works with Candoco Dance Company and Dirty Market Theatre. Her work has been performed in UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Chile, Iraqi Kurdistan and Germany.

Fernanda Muñoz Newsome
Since graduating from Laban Fernanda has been making and performing her own choreographic works around Europe and England. She has been focused in uniting and questioning the close worlds of visual art, dance and choreography. She looks for stimulating work and performance environments that question our accepted norms and promote the individual within the group. Her interests in working with both trained and untrained dancers took her to running MOVE, a collection of classes for artists and people who have a desire to dance. She is a founding member of the group LONDON TOPOPHOBIA, who run regular performance nights.