Open Space: shared work space for independent makers
Mon, Wed 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.  |  £10-£15 for 3 hours
One of TripSpace's concerns is how to facilitate independent makers to develop their practice and encourage their crafting yet remaining an independent organization ourselves. This basically comes down to financial concerns.
One of the ways we thought we could tackle this is by creating Open Space.

Lets see if it works.

Open Space

Open Space is for Solo Artists or Companies of two.
Its a time slot between 10:30am-1:30pm (Mon-Thur) where artists can share the studio with like minded artists ( a bit like: rent a desk in a shared office) in order to practice/ rehearse/ create/ initiate ideas. The studio is 12mx8.50m with a sprung floor/ changing facilities and a PA system.
There will be a max of 5 companies at a time, this means there will be between 5-10 people in studio working in 5 spaces. Companies of two will use one space.
The space will be open so yes it will mean that everyone will be considerate but we hope that contemporarily this will be a source of inspiration and an energizer ( if you work solo it is quite hard to be alone in studio!!). We believe that this might be a good way to initiate ideas, or to strum up material for applications.

The price for 3 hour slot for solo artists is £10 ( £3.30 an hour!)
The price for 3 hour slot for companies of two is £15 ( £2.50 an hour!)

If you are interested please book in advance as there are only 5 slots available per day.

Contact [email protected]

If you know anyone who might be interested: share the knowledge.