Kids Yoga 4-6yrs
Julie Berensten  |  Wed 4:20 p.m.-5 p.m.  |  See info below

The TripKids programme will start again on the W/C 11th April.

Term Dates: W/C 11th April to W/C 11th July.
There will be class on Monday 2nd of May.
There will be NO CLASS during Half Term dates 28th May-5th June.

The Kids Yoga sessions will provide an introduction to yoga through movement, breath and creativity in a safe and nurturing environment. Based around stories and themes from the world around us we will explore the various yoga postures in a fun and interactive way. The intention is for each child to develop a healthy relationship to themselves and others in a relaxed and supportive space.

Julie's Bio

Julie is a qualified yoga teacher of both adults and children. Her interest in yoga began as a child when she would watch and follow her mum at home. Her love of the practise has stayed with her throughout her childhood, teenage and adult life. She is a trained Primary school teacher and has been teaching across London for 10 years with children from ages 3-11 years old.


Next term the kids courses are a bit longer 13 weeks - this is reflected in the course price.
Take advantage of Early Bird Prices before the 24th of March.

1 COURSE | £91- EB £85

DUO DEAL |two courses| £156 - EB £145

THRIFTY TRIO | three courses | £214 -EB £200

DROP IN | £8 | note: only 4 drop-in places available per session

BOOKING RECOMMENDED: [email protected]


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