Vinyasa Yoga
Anina Grosser  |  Tue 8 p.m.-9:15 p.m.  |  Drop in £13
Anina's signature style is a hybrid of her learning: A mindfully flowing alignment based Vinyasa class with a focus on the Spine - Sushumna - as our lifeline. With a flowing warm up, a series of standing postures and core work, Anina aims to built students awareness over their bodies’ movements by incorporating techniques of breath and bandhas.

This class will be covered by Marta Masiero until Anina is back from furthering her studies in India (16th July 2016).

First attracted to yoga for its physical benefits, Marta soon became aware of its healing properties, where body and mind find harmony through mindfulness in movement. Trained at Byron Yoga Centre in New South Wales, Australia, Marta teaches a dynamic and invigorating vinyasa flow, with attention to alignment and sensitive adjustments.
Looking to find the connection between breath and movement, her classes aim to build heat, strength and flexibility encouraging students to find conscious embodiment and to approach the challenges with a positive mind and open heart.