Rocket Yoga
Lita Satvva  |  Tue 6:40 p.m.-7:40 p.m.  | 

Rocket is deeply rooted in Ashtanga Yoga. It is a series of standing, balancing and inverted postures all linked by vinyasas (movement flows), incorporating basic poses w/ fun and challenging arm balances inversions and back bends.

Inversions are lot of fun, but they also prove to be some of the most challenging postures. Some of the upside down postures (handstand and pincha mayurasana) are designed to energise us, others (headstand or shoulder stand) are designed to calm us down.

This class is a fun and complete practice focussing on learning the foundation exercises for inversions but also tips and tricks if you are refining your practice and aiming at mastering them! Mega fun!

No matter if you are a new bee or an old hat to inversions... this class class will be fun, it will get you to sweat and to see the world from another perspective: upside down.

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