Flow & Restore
Francesca Guarino  |  Sat 1:15 p.m.-12:30 p.m.  | 
Francesca Filippa is a musician, yoga teacher and creativity and confidence coach who lives for honouring the raw honest heart and humble humanity in everyone and everything.
She holds two degrees in film and music that greatly influence the atmospheric soundtracks of her classes which take practitioners on an empowering transformative journey through the dynamic and subtle bodies.
Her offerings are a balance of strong dynamic flow and slow mindful movement anchored in breath work, specific spinal stretches, traditional yoga postures and creative sequencing aligned with the ever changing seasons of nature. We are nature. Yoga helps us remember that.
Francesca’s aim is to craft a safe and expansive container for humans to come back to themselves in whatever way they choose. Every day is different; recognising our continually changing energies and needs inspires a sense of curiosity and freedom in how we relate to the stories and beliefs we hold.
Consciously embracing the powerful sensory feedback of our bodies cultivates a sense of trust elevating us into a more compassionate mind-space, we become available and alive to all the possibilities of our present life experience.
Emotion is simply energy in motion so let us be real, feel and move through.

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