Dynamic Vinyasa
Anna de Sousa  |  Tue 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.  | 
A dynamic sequence that connects body and breath.
This practice will help you gain strength , mobility and flexibility.
Anna will lead an uplifting, creative & playful class that will calm the machinations of the mind.
Open to students of all yoga background experiences and abilities.'

Anna is an energetic & friendly teacher who loves to teach Vinyasa & Dynamic styles (of yoga).
She encourage people to have fun & be playful with their practise while also making sure that people feel welcome & relasxed in class. Anna truly believe that yoga is for everyone & prioritise (accessible cues/use of hands on assists/offering options) to ensure a well rounded practise regardless of experience.
Her classes are based on flowing sequences that move the body in different ways, working on strength, flexibility and mobility.