Queer Apocalyse
FRI 27th February 2015  |  7:30 p.m.-10 p.m.
Can the terrible things that affect us strengthen ourselves?

Queer Apocalypse presents works dealing with queer inscribed bodies.

Two short films and a central performance, HEROSHIMA, raise and shape discussions about the future of queer corporeality. Through a mixed media event, the four queer artists introduce a destructive and decadent side of queerness.

Curated by Portuguese performer António Onio, Queer Apocalypse is included in the LGBT History Month and was made possible thanks to the joint support of UNITE London & Eastern 1148 - Workers in Social Inclusion and Care Branch and UNITE GPM National Publishing & Media Branch.


Introduction by LGBT Trade Union.

POSITIVE (work in progress) by Linus Ignatius

“Berlin Raw to the Bone” by Oskur Garzia

Talk with filmmaker Antonio da Silva

Premiere of HEROSHIMA by António Onio and Fleur Khani

This show contains nudity.