Trip The Light Fantastic Toe: Double Trouble
SAT 3rd October 2015  |  8 p.m.-10 p.m.
An awesome evening of short pieces, video dance and ace music.... It all comes in doubles!



Malin Stahl: Scuss'a Blue

Scuss’a Blue is a two channel exploration into the act of walking. The shoes, the tree trunk, the rain are factors that control and delimit what can be performed. Malin Stahl is a visual artist trained at the Slade School of Fine Arts working with proximities between the body and the landscape in performance and video.

Polbrone: Polbrone is a new music project of brothers Andrea Salvatici and Simone Salvatici (Clorinde). Their music fluctuates between musical improvisation, sound exploration and evolving drones. Polbrone like contrasting effects, melodies that gradually destroy and decay, combining acoustic instruments with digital processing.

The House of Strays: Accomplices

Accomplices is performed by Camilla Gutierrez and Fionn Cox, it is born from the expression of Camila and Fionn's unique friendship, it explores Contact Improvisation into Set Material and was used in the creation of the award winning music video All in the Value.

Courtney Harris & Charli Brissey: Pas

Charli Brissey and Courtney Harris are dance artists and filmmakers who currently live and work in Richmond, VA. Harris is an Assistant Professor in the Dance Department at Virginia Commonwealth University, the same university from which Brissey recently earned her MFA in Kinetic Imaging. They have been collaborating for the past two years on videos, multi-mediainstallations, and live performances.

HumanHood: Zero

For this occasion, Rudi Cole and Julia Robert, the founders of HumanHood, will be performing an excerpt of 'ZERO’ together with cellist Gyda Vastysdottir, who is one of the various collaborators for this project. ZERO, currently work-in-progess, is a new duet by HumanHood which merges quantum physics into movement, sound and light and intends to provoke a 4D experience for the complete production which will be premiering in 2016. Rudi Cole and Julia Robert have worked with Akram Khan and Jasmin Vardimon, among others. Since 2014 they are creating their own work under the name HumanHood which works include award winning ‘The Masks Behind Doors’ and outdoor piece ‘Nomadis’.

photo by Jesus Ubera