TripTic Improvisation: June
FRI 5th June 2015  |  8 p.m.-11 p.m.
Curated by the Trip The Light Team: a collection of work that has improvisation at its heart. A celebration of the techniques of improvisation used at different degrees and in different levels. Join us and our invited artists into the unchartered worlds that improvisation creates.


Chan Sze-Wei

Originally from Singapore, Sze's work melds interactivity, improvisation, dance installation, text and Asian dance forms with an interest in questions about society and politics. She presents The Sunshine Empire, an interactive performance through one-on-one personalised consultations around the secrets of happiness.

Guillaume Pige

Guillaume is an actor, director and magician. He formed Theatre Re in 2009 to create vibrant and emotional work on the edge of mime and theatre. Currently on tour Blind Man's Song at Latitude Festival and Edinburgh Fringe.
For TripTic he proposes an intervention in which there will be magical acting but first and foremost atmospheric mysteries and dreamlike wonders, as well as a lot of audience participation.

Katy and Rach

Katy and Rach have been improvising together since 2005 when they trained at Second City in Chicago. They saw a show called TJ and Dave and have been striving to make similar work ever since; truthful longform improvisation with subtext and depth.
Katy and Rach is a totally improvised show about real life performed by award-winning actresses Katy Schutte and Rachel Blackman. Unlike other improv shows, they don't play games or take suggestions from the audience, they just turn the lights on and start.

"There's no one to touch Katy and Rach at the moment. It is their bare simplicity and ability to work with silence that lifts them above the field."
Fringe Review

"...the laughs came thick and fast, the audience swept along with Katy and Rach..."
Remote Goat

"Not only entertaining, but sensitive, realistic and extremely enjoyable!..."
Fringe Review


image above by Cristina Guitian @ TripTic 25th Aprillink