The Eye Of The Strong Female Maker #2
SAT 11th July 2015  |  8 p.m.-11 p.m.
This is number two.

Number one was in March.

We thought that it would be much better to make a habit of this night
rather than restricting it to something that happens only during Women's History Month.

The Eye of The Strong Female Maker is much larger than the length of a month.

It should not be something that happens only once a year.

It's not a carnival.

It's an an ongoing practice.

It's an ongoing research.

It's an ongoing project.

We will dance, we will watch, we will gather.

It's an ongoing night of performance.

The Eye of The Strong Female Maker #2 is curated by

Jamila Johnson-Small and Giuliana Majo


Hannah Buckley Woman With Eggs

Eve Stainton from The Uncollective dancing on her own

Clemence Cocconier Mue

Jamila Johnson Small Pornography #4

Mira Kautto Hold me baby

Jorunn Myklebust Syversen Der Dunkle Mensch

MAS ProductionsLady Vendredi's Urban Rites: Possession

The programme will be imbued with cool tunes to dance to and selected by Alexandrina Hemsley, Eve Stainton, Gillie Kleiman, Giuliana Majo, Hannah Buckley, immigrants and animals, Nicola Conibere & Montserrat Ventura .

Tickets on the door or buy your ticket now to avoid dissapointment: here