SAT 15th August 2015  |  7:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m.
UnTamed is a platform for new choreography celebrating the voice of women in dance curated and produced by Anthea Lewis. Sharing their stories through words, music and movement this eclectic evening highlights the power of expression, innovation and creativity.

I want to tell you something, I have something to say. I am going to share something with you and I want you to see it with your mouth, hear it with the hairs on your neck and let your cells receive my message vibrating through the air. You may have heard it before but I never said it in this way, in this moment, with you. As my body vibrates rhythmically moving between words and sounds I want you to hear the unsaid and the unknown. Look for what I don't tell you as much as what I do, feel for what is hidden and revealed. There is always light with darkness even if only a glimpse. I want to tell you something, are you ready?

Choreography and/or performances from:

Sarah Bleasdale

Navala Chaudhari

Kirstine Ilum

Sara Dos Santos

Angela Marie Hurst

Anthea Lewis

Yukiko Masui

Sarita Piotrowski

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