Raise the Love
SAT 25th July 2015  |  3 p.m.-5 p.m.
£20 (+ £1.49 service fee)
Join Adrianna and Bridget for a fun flowing yoga class set to soulful African inspired music with story-telling, playful poses, powerful inspiration and deep relaxation to raise support for yoga across the globe.

And all proceeds go to Earthchild Project, an incredible NGO who take yoga and holistic living to townships in South Africa. The work they do is an awesome example of true and powerful yoga to everyone. Because yoga is more than where you place your feet, it is about reaching out and supporting one another, connecting to and remembering who we are and where we come from.

About Adrianna & Bridget:

Bridget is a creative passionate teacher and dedicated student of yoga. In her classes she weaves heartfelt philosophy and meditative contemplation through a creative sequencing of poses which strengthen, realign and nourish the body and mind. By bringing warmth and humour into her classes she creates an open, safe space in which students can focus and practice. Bridget teaches from her heart and believes that yoga helps us to feel more free and live fully.

Growing up in South Africa Bridget was hugely inspired by what it means to be free and empowered. She is a mentor and fundraiser for Earthchild Project and the Africa Yoga Project and is in awe of the power of yoga to truly enhance all people's lives. Adrianna's classes are playful, invoke curiosity and are rooted in clear alignment; all elements allow the student to explore the other more subtle facets of the body. She chooses to recognise and facilitate the human desire for connection not only within the body, mind and spirit, but also within our relationships, our communities and nature.With a gentle laugh and smile, Adrianna encourages her students to recognise that despite its magical transformative value, yoga isn't always so serious. Every moment is an opportunity to connect with the infinite being within.

Having travelled to Cape Town South Africa in 2014, and attended Bridget's Earth Child charity class in February this year, Adrianna felt moved to get involved. The South African culture is one of deep gratitude and receptivity, despite challenging conditions. The South African spirit and their yearning for connection is alive in the hearts of the people. For Adrianna, yoga is precisely that an opportunity to fulfill our deepest desire to connect on all levels.

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