Bloco Serafina Carnival
SUN 30th August 2015  |  5 p.m.-midnight
The authentic Brazilian Carnival experience in London

If you have never been to Brazil for carnival, this is your unique chance.

If you’re experienced on it – welcome home!

We’re talking about music, dance, colours, laughs and good vibes, old and new friends. We all come together to the same tune. And you can join us in your Havaianas, stilettos, or Converse. It doesn't matter how you come... it only matters how you move.

What are you going to see on the 30th of August?

• Aloisio Menezes + Serafina – after taking over Trafalgar Square for over 30 thousand people on Brazil Day 2015, he will bring an intense Afro-pop beat, samba and the contagious energy straight from the streets of Salvador to Bloco Serafina Carnival

• Janaina Lima – one of the biggest names of the Brazilian Drum’n’Bass known internationally by the hit Tem que Valer

• Bloco Serafina drumming with Samba Reggae and Afro-Brazilian rhythms

• The house DJ, Rodrigo da Matta

You can also brush up your dancing skills before the party on an energetic samba dance workshop with Irineu Nogueira from 4:30 – 5:30.