Trip The Light: Blue Moon
FRI 27th November 2015  |  8 p.m.-11 p.m.
A night of performance, visual delicacies and furious dancing!
The cold season approaches: lets get cosy and bust some moves that will carry us through the winter blues.


Silenthingks choreographed and performed by Laboratorio La extranjera - Josefina Camus

Silenthingks it is a project that developes the relationship of sound between body and the matter . Paper and plastic folds sculpt the space, in this manner constructing the ephemeral time of the performance. The movement creates sound as the sound creates movement.

Doggerland choreographed and performed by Kitty Fedorec

Doggerland is work about loss, control, and coastal erosion as explored through ritual acts and falling sand.
Loss, control, and coastal erosion. Ritual acts and falling sand. Doggerland looks at the need of humans to control their environments; internal and external. It ties the socially acceptable religious and superstitious to the unacceptable behaviours that spring from mental illness. It aims to prompt questions about letting go and our struggle not to be washed away.

Naked Nude choreographed and performed by Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome

A dance for a friend,
a dance for the ever shifting shape of time,
a dance for ghosts,
a dance for past and future selves and others,
a dance for others,
a dance that must be danced.

Experimental electronic audio visual project based in Budapest, Hungary. Video and music goes 100% in sync, spiced with glitches, madness and dark humor. A one hour show performed with processed vocals, hacked instruments, guitars and some recurrent improvised dance steps.

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