Trip The Light | Intercontinental Drifts #4
SAT 14th May 2016  |  8:15 a.m.-11 p.m.
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Trip the Light | Intercontinental Drifts is a monthly platform (February-July 2016) where cutting edge choreography from across Europe and the UK meet. A night of new moves, new waves and new choreographic terrain.

Each night presents a host of juicy dance works topped off with a band to get up and split your jeans to. Sit back, be immersed, then exorcise your demons on the dance floor.


JANINE HARRINGTON presents screensaver

The temporarily altered- “blank”-state of the early computer screen in screen-saver mode is here imagined as a moratorium on meaning making, a pause in processing and background space in which something else can unfold. Of interest are non-neurotypical cognitive experiences; technology and the contracts assumed in the spaces where we watch dancing.

Dancers: Vanessa Abreu, Charlie Ashwell, James Morgan & Stella Papi
Sound: Jamie Forth

Janine Harrington is a choreographer, performer and writer. She normally works outside of theatre contexts..


Without name, without identity. Body and it's physical, sensual nature.
Animality, oneiric and surrealistic shapes get lost and reappear, blend into each other and separate from each other. Familiar and unknown images in the flesh.
Flesh in movement, renegaded and reclaimed body, a space of struggle and reconciliation between the human nature and the animal nature.
A game with impalpable, volatile and vague reality that seduces, wraps and mesmerizes you.

Conception, choreography and interpretation: Ugne Dievaityte &; Poliana Lima
Musical composition: Pablo Sanchez Pulido
Lighting design: La cía de la Luz
Costume design: Poliana Lima & Ugne Dievaityte
Artwork: Denis Forigo

Ugne Dievaityte is a Lithuanian choreographer and dancer based in Madrid. Ugne has been awarded a 2016 DanceWEB scholarship.
Poliana Lima is a Brasilian choreographer based in Madrid. Poliana was selected as one of the representative artists from Spain for the EU project Performing Gender.

Together Poliana and Ugne gave birth to their first work Es como ver nubes awarded with 5 awards in 3 choreographic contests in Spain and next creation Flesh (2014) was awarded at the festival Feedback (Madrid) and has been presented Aerowaves Spring Forward‘15.


Project O is a collaboration between Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small that arose out of a shared desire to address a crisis of movement and a crisis of confidence around issues of race and gender.

The duo aim to comment on the general fallout from being black, mixed and female and making visible posi tions of otherness, so that they will eventually no longer seem ‘other’. It is a project that tries to talk about, and make visible, the awkward stuff of everyday oppression and to move on from the shame of this by engaging with the audience, or poaching audiences, in various ways.

Continually exploring different formats for presenting the intimacy and urgency of their politics – including choreographies for the stage, interventions in public space, a publication and a performance lecture – their practice also engages with the wider concern of writing the histories of British people from African and Caribbean descent more visibly into the fabric of contemporary performance.

Based in London, Project O seek to use their choreographic practice to make work in various formats that shines a light on the structural workings of racism and misogyny and their impact on bodies, invigorating debate and conversations about how to live with agency amongst these painful and uncomfortable histories.


Nwando Ebizie combines her background as a classically trained pianist with her work as an electronic producer and artist. A resident DJ on the London club scene (Barrio, XOYO, Favela Chic), and festivals including Reading, Wireless, Hard Rock Calling and Secret Garden Party; a meeting with Gabriel led her to integrate her classical training with DJing.