Trip The Light | Intercontinental Drifts #5
SAT 11th June 2016  |  8:15 p.m.-11 p.m.
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Trip the Light | Intercontinental Drifts is a monthly platform (February-July 2016) where cutting edge choreography from across Europe and the UK meet. A night of new moves, new waves and new choreographic terrain.

Each night presents a host of juicy dance works topped off with a band to get up and split your jeans to. Sit back, be immersed, then exorcise your demons on the dance floor.




Those patterns which come with sense of comfort and safety - do we need them? What about the complex coexistence we could become acquainted with, without them?

Performance by Celina Liesegang and Simea Cavelti
Music by: Raphael Heggendorn
Choreographic Mentor: Irina Lorez
Supported by The Bull Theatre

Simea Cavelti and Celina Liesegang are a creative duo based between London and Bern, and recently won the Tankstelle 2016 award for ‘Put, Aggregated’. Heavily inspired by Swiss artist Jean-Claude Tinguely, their work seeks to be perceived in the same way as one might observe the inside workings of a clock.


S/HE is a work in progress. S/HE started with a concern for men and the questions 'do men need feminism?' and 'does feminism need men?'. Entering in to the research the intention was to make a piece about gender. Currently, S/ HE is emerging as a performance about the complexity of human co existence.

Concept Hannah Buckley
Performers Hannah Buckley and Simon Palmer
Movement Hannah Buckley in collaboration with Simon Palmer
Creative support Robbie Synge
Sounds; Eartheater (Alex Drewchin) - Infinity / If it in yin, Bill Burr, Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Texts; Gloria Steinmen - If Men Could Menstruate (1986) with adaptations by Hannah Buckley

Developed using public funding from Arts Council England, with additional funding and support from The Place, Dance Manchester, Yorkshire Dance and Greenwich Dance.

Hannah Buckley is a performer and maker based in the North of England. She makes work about human experience from a personal perspective - questioning the way we live and creating space to imagine new realities. She uses imagery, stories and movement to express real experiences and contemporary issues.

PETER ŠAVEL & TEREZA ONDROVÁ present Boys Who Like To Play With Dolls

Welcome to a fantasy world in which masculinity and femininity are unrelated to male and female physical forms. Two distinctive, compelling European dancers, morph from one body to another, attacking the conventions, norms and clichés of gender. Movement and dance become an expression of the contrast between the identity of body and soul, and between genetic givens and social prejudices, attempting to challenge the various social stereotypes and explore the theme of gender in a language of pure physicality. European Top 20 Priority Companies 2014 selected by Aerowaves.

Concept, choreography and performed by: Tereza Ondrová, Peter Šavel
Light design: Ji?í Hajdyla
Music: Kat Graham, Philipoctus de Caserta, Guillaume Dufay
Produced by: Karolína Hejnová ­ danceWATCH
Supported by: Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Czech Centre London

Tereza Ondrová

In 2006 she graduated at Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Department of Dance Pedagogy. She is a founder of a dance ensemble VerTeDance within which she has so far created together with Veronika Kotlíková over 16 projects; three of them were awarded by the most prestigious award in the field of Czech contemporary dance: Dance Piece of the Year Prize (2005, 2012 and 2014). In 2010, she was awarded „Dancer of the Year“ Prize. As a performer, she co­ operated with DOT 504, Anton Lahký, Olga Cobos, Peter Mika, Nir de Vollf, Felix Ruckert, Thomas Steyaert and others.

Peter Šavel

He obtained a bachelor degree at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (focus on pedagogy of modern dance) and then graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels in 2010. He danced in a number of choreographies by renowned Slovak and international authors such as T. Hauert, S. Sanchis, D. Zambrano, W. Vandekeybus or A. T. de Keersmaeker. After being accepted to P.A.R.T.S., he began to work on his own choreographies. Boys Who Like TO Play With Dolls are his third presence in the prestigious selection by Aerowaves network. He currently lives and works in Brussels where he cooperates with Pierre Droulers and develops his own projects.

J*A*K*T*R*O*N A super star Electro-Funk/House DJ

JAKTRON started collecting original funk, soul and Motown singles from disused juke boxes and using them to liven up local bars, parties and weddings.
The 90s saw him playing Deep House and US Garage at raves and warehouse parties in the South of England. Musical explorations from Rio to Goa have galvanized a furious funky sound that has seen JAKTRON enjoy residencies at Glastonbury Festival, The Pigalle Club, The Covent Garden Dance Company and numerous music festivals.