Trip Waves presents Loungedelic
SUN 31st July 2016  |  8 p.m.-10 p.m.
£5 on the door
Trip Waves is a music platform hosting new musical territories within psychedelic, folk and punk music.

The 31st of July will launch Loungedelic's new album HORSE RIDING TO JUPITER

Loungedelic formed in 2006 following a hot summer in the south of Italy. Founding guitarist Pippo de Palma initiated a project with childhood friends whilst touring Europe with psychedelic-groove band ALIX.

During those early years, ALIX which performed aside bands such as Muse, Primal Scream and Rage Against The Machine.

Loungedelic flows through improvisation, creating a mix of electric tunes with lounge, surf, psychedelic and blue rock sounds. Creating interaction with live video projections mixed with original performance.


A forty-minute eight-track album that explores a visionary and imaginative retro journey from a contemporary perspective. This has been possible thanks to the fusion and shared love for cinematic movie sound tracks and psychedelia the band has.