Trip The Light: Summerdance 2016 edition
SAT 10th September 2016  |  8 p.m.-11 p.m.
Dive into a 360 degree evening of in-the-round choreographies from the hottest happening dancemakers this side of the canal. Envelop yourself in the liveness; drop dead on the dancefloor.

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Lilly Pöhlmann & Tora Hed | Screws for Fixing

A dialogue about

Hitting the beat
Phrasing time

Outer Rhythm
Down Beat

Sculpting space
Travelling with sound

Tora Hed (Sweden) and Lilly Pöhlmann (Germany/ Ecuador) studied together at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds and are now working as freelance performers and makers in the UK and Berlin.

Their main focus of attention lies in working with improvisational structures as well as working in collaboration with other artists.

Christopher Owen | Broken Fall Organic

Broken Fall Organic is a collection of shared physical belief systems built to test our ability to decide between intuition and logic. This testing environment invites male performers to discuss physically what the term ‘to man up’ means to them, in an attempt to harness the power of a shared consciousness.

Christopher Owen is a dance artist and musician based in Leeds. Working with live sound and movement as a catalyst for content, Chris’ work aims to provoke, agitate and challenge our perceptions of what we see and hear. Chris is currently writing a piano record.

Eleanor Sikorski | Big hands, big heart

“The pounding bass notes begin and shake the floor, us and the latex toys. We are feeling the bass.”

Part poolside party, part science lab - Sikorski welcomes the audience into a pump-tastic world of atmosphere and uncertainty. It’s dark and there are many large objects to touch. Let’s do it all together.

Eleanor Sikorski is a dance artist whose solo work spans performance, music, comedy and film. She is co-director of ‘Nora’ with Flora Wellesley Wesley, currently touring ‘Nora Invites’, a triple bill of duets by Liz Aggiss, Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion and Simon Tanguy. She has worked as a dancer for choreographers including Eva Recacha, Seke Chimutengwende, Alexandre Achour and Gillie Kleiman.


Summerdance 2016 is a mini-festival exploring different ways of watching, experiencing and doing dance and performance.

It consists of:

Three intensive workshops for professional dancers:

Intensive workshop with Rob Hayden ( Ultima Vez) | 5th - 8th September, link

Sunday Special Workshop with Leon Baugh Sunday 11th September link

Intensive workshop with Fernanda Prata ( Punch Drunk) 12th - 15th September link

An all-day FREE extravaganza for kids, grown ups and performance lovers inhabiting the indoors and outdoor spaces of Trips railway archeslink

Trip The Light's Summerdance 2016 edition: a ticketed evening performances for lovers of new choreographic work link