Summerdance 2016 Kids & Families event
SAT 10th September 2016  |  11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Join TripSpace's FREE all-day extravaganza for kids, grown ups and performance lovers inhabiting the indoors and outdoor spaces of Trip's railway arches!

Brothers of Justice: The Real Life Superhero Training Scheme

The Real Life Super Hero Training Scheme invites members of the public to create their very own real life superhero. Supervised by experienced real life superheroes Specktrum and Wildheart, audiences are invited to create their own personal superhero costume while discussing their experiences of community, social responsibility and empathy and how we can be empowered to formulate possessive social change.

Ongoing installation between 11am-1pm & 2pm-4pm

Ingvild Isaksen: Make A Move

A participatory, pop-up performance where you make the moves. In this piece the public are given headphones with suggestions on what to do and how. We witness how each person moves with their own individual quality. Everyone is free to make their own choices as only they know what is said through the headphones. Make a move becomes a somewhat synchronised pop­up performance.

Ongoing installation between 11am-1pm & 1:45pm-3pm

Marquez&Zangs: Trash-Operated Dance

A community and environmental awareness project powered by dance. Using a "rubbish-responsive" bin, dancers engage the locals and passersby in picking up trash along the canal in exchange for a 1-min dance they can watch and/or join.
Performed by: Eve Stainton and Michael Kitchin

Perfomances at 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm & 3:45pm

The Junk Orchestra

Make and play your own instrument out of London’s finest junk for amazing vibrations. A show, a workshop & an installation with super sonic objects rescued from the urban wasteland.

Morning building workshop 11-12pm & performance 12pm
Afternoon building workshop 1:45-2:30 & performance 2:30

Learn more about The Junk Orchestra link

TrashDollys Dance Theatre: Cape Alley

Deep within an unforgiving metropolis, four outsiders find refuge in a long-forgotten backstreet named Cape Alley. As a group they turn Cape Alley into a gritty vaudeville that illuminates in a whirlwind of limbs, rhythmic rituals and playful sparring. The four begin to live on the fringe of delirium, as lines between reality and fantasy start to dissolve they find themselves in an illusory trap of their own making.

Established in 2011, TrashDollys have built an acclaimed portfolio of work that reflects a bold and progressive approach to b-boying and contemporary dance theatre. Using live dance and filmmaking as our primary mediums, we combine breath-taking physicality with imaginative story telling. Our mission is to create work with versatility at its heart, enabling live performance work to be staged in unusual spaces in order to continue building on our appeal to a wider demographic.

Choreographer: Sam Amos, Performers: Hugh Stanier, Alex Rowland, Lewis Wilkins, Sam Amos

Learn more about Cape Alley link

Performance at 4pm

Tora Hed & Lilly Pöhlmann: Screws for fixing

Dance under the bridge.
A dialogue about
Hitting the beat
Phrasing time
Outer Rhythm
Down Beat
Sculpting space
Travelling with sound

Perfomance at 3:15pm

Rob Hayden

Rob Hayden and dancers show an extract of site-specific performance from their Summerdance research week.

Perfomance at 3:30pm

ContaKids with Monica Giacomin

Creative Movement class for 2-5 year olds and 6-8 year olds and their adults.
ContaKids offers a fun and relaxed environment where adults and children can play, interact and learn from each other. Using games and simple exercises we explore the experience of moving together, where physical contact supports a body-based form of communication which is fun and beneficial for all.

2-5 yrs workshop | 2pm-2:45pm:
6-8yrs workshop | 3pm-3:45pm

Learn more about ContaKids link

Please note: the ContaKids workshops are very popular and have limited capacity.
Booking required: [email protected]


Arts and Crafts corner
Scribble and make in the Kitchen


Summerdance 2016 is a mini-festival exploring different ways of watching, experiencing and doing dance and performance.

It consists of:

Three intensive workshops for professional dancers:

Intensive workshop with Rob Hayden ( Ultima Vez) | 5th - 8th September, link

Sunday Special Workshop with Leon Baugh Sunday 11th September link

Intensive workshop with Fernanda Prata ( Punch Drunk) 12th - 15th September link

An all-day FREE extravaganza for kids, grown ups and performance lovers inhabiting the indoors and outdoor spaces of Trips railway arches link

Trip The Light's Summerdance 2016 edition : a ticketed evening performances for lovers of new choreographic work link