Jam Money & The National Bedtime
SAT 1st October 2016  |  8 p.m.-10:30 p.m.
£8 / £7concs.
An evening of improvisation and ruins, care of International Sand, an exemplar of Willesden Folk.

Jam Money, house band of London label and ongoing tape exhibition Spillage Fete were created as an improvised dialectic between Mat Fowler (Bons) and Kevin Cormack (Half Cousin, Harry Deerness).
Their songs exist like contagious assemblages – wayward and peaceful, whirring into life. A shared aural and visual aesthetic is elaborated through collaboration with visual artist Aimee Henderson.
The National Bedtime is the latest and most personal vision from Glasgow based artist Tony Swain and friends. Swain mobilises his visual aesthetic layering samples like spectral fragments to invoke the texture and scent of another place and time: a recalled narrative from an imaginary backing band that is yet to exist. The performances are linked by multi-instrumentalist Martin Slattery (The Hours, The Mescaleros) who plays in both.

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