Trance Dance Journey
SAT 17th September 2016  |  7 p.m.-9 p.m.
EB: £15.01 – Thereafter £18.65
Trance dance is a call to journey deeper into yourself...

It's the time and space for self-discovery and connection to the highest aspects of your opportunity to heal the body, mind and release any limiting patterns or fears that are causing blocks and distortions that influence your vitality & health and so often prevent you from living to your full potential!

Trance dancing has its roots in ancient shamanic traditions, it has been practised for more the 35 thousand years in various tribes & cultures around the world as a medium of altering consciousness through dancing to powerful rhythms that help connect to our spiritual realm. This 'trance' state which can be compared to the periods of deep sleep & dreams, taps into the most subconscious parts of ourselves where true healing, clarity and insight can take place and unswears to questions can be found.

This journey is a modern adaptation of such rituals for a generation of people that are part of a fast paced world that so often get’s us lost amongst its numerous distractions. Trance Dance uses a blindfold to help induce an expanded state of consciousness, a transformational breathing technique, intention and intuitive body movements.

I invite you to drop your comfort zone and dance into the more unknown aspects of yourself! Allow yourself to go beyond the world of the five senses and open new doors and possibilities within your being. 'Dance until you shatter yourself' (Rumi), surrender to the dance and trust the journey...

Every time you will step into the unknown darkness you will gradually learn to surrender to the expanded state of consciousness and are likely to attain deeper experiences . Every journey is a new journey, a new opportunity to ride into yourself and beyond.


"When I first heard about the dance I was intrigued but did not know what to expect. For me the whole journey was transcendental as I experienced new layers of myself I had never felt before. The more I just let go, the more I felt the potency and depth of the sacred dance. I found the session very therapeutic and most of all amazing fun too!! I can't wait for the next one and see where I will journey too"- Lee Harrold

'I got into trance dance led by curiosity, I was not sure if I would be able to dance blindfolded, this was a new experience. As soon as I entered the room I felt safe, the way Maria had set the space made me immediately trust her and the process. Trance dance is for me a space to let my mind a bit aside, give the helm to my body and see what happens. Each journey is completely different and although I don´t know what is happening, I know something is moving. I recommend it to adventurers who like to dive deep.' - Ines A.

'I understood a lot in 2h maybe a lot more than I thought I was going to. It reminded me of meditation but as the body is moving I found it much more powerful and intense. Being with yourself and connecting with your body and your mind, just enjoying the now, this moment, the dance, the music, sounds, beats. I felt some sensations inside that I've almost never experienced before. I know it sounds very extreme but once you've been involved this will make a lot more sense. My mind and body felt lighter and harmonious.’- Romain WR

Everyone from different paths of life is welcome, no previous experience required.

Maria says: This will be the last Journey I will provide in London this year, I hope to meet new and old dancers of life on the dance floor

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