Elisa Vassena | somethink | Preview Launch | Just Off The Wall
WED 8th February 2017  |  6 p.m.-8 p.m.
Across 5 months (Nov-Apr) we have invited 4 visual artists to inhabit the walls of Arch 340.

Each artist will preview launch on Thursdays and will exhibit for 4 weeks

Elisa Vassena | somethink
Preview Launch Wednesday 8th Feb 2017
Exhibition Thur 9th Feb - Sat 4th March

Somethink exhibits are a series of linocut prints, brought together by the use of sharp and clear linear patterns on a bold bed of colour. The imagery are a transposition of drawings taken from old and more recent sketchbooks, weaving in and out of bodies, text and geometry.

The artwork is on sale.


6.45pm - Intro and Artist talk

Projection Loop 1 - video installation by Anders Duckworth

B-Day - performance by Samuel Kennedy

8pm - Solo improvisations by Alex Roth

About Elisa Vassena

Elisa is primarily a freelance dance artist and performer, but has always nurtured a deep passion for visual arts, secretly drawing away through the years. She has recently become interested in printmaking and has completed a short course at Morley College, learning different printing techniques.

About Anders Duckworth

Anders is a British/Swedish choreographer, dancer and visual artist. In 2013 Anders choreographed a short film, Polystyrene Dreams (dir. Jack Exton), which won the RATMA Best Art Film. In Projected and Absent Impressions (both 2015) he has worked with analogue projection, collaborating with film artist Rowan de Frietas. He is currently a performer with Tilted Productions.

Projection Loop 1.
This installation explores my interest in deteriorating media, exposing the fragile and transient nature of celluloid film as a metaphor for time passing and fading and distorting memories.

About Samuel Kennedy

Samuel Kennedy is an independent dance and performance artist based in London.
As a performer he has worked with, amongst others, Yvonne Rainer, Charles Linehan, Pablo Bronstein, Joe Moran, Rahel Vonmoos, Lucy McCormick, Simon Vincenzi, and Robert Clark.

As a maker he has performed his own work in The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and the UK. His work centres on the live experience and can manifest as video, durational and installation based performances. His work attempts to reconnect with the sublime and employs action and image as the carriers of content.

About Alex Roth

Guitarist, composer and producer Alex Roth draws inspiration from dance, film, literature and visual art as well as myriad musical traditions. His work ranges across boundaries, and he regularly collaborates with leading figures from the jazz, improv, contemporary classical, alternative folk and electronic music communities.

Tonight Alex will be performing a short set of solo improvisations in response to the exhibited works.

Just Off the Wall exhibition series is independently produced by TripSpace Projects and curated by Pam Ceesay