Trip the light - Intercontinental Drifts 2017 #2
SAT 23rd September 2017  |  8 p.m.-11 p.m.

Welcome to the second of our Trip the Light series, as part of Intercontinental Drifts 2017: workshops and performances that move, mix and matter. We are very happy to present 2 solos and a duet from the most luminous internationally touring choreographers we could get our hands on! Buckle up, sit back and relax for a triple bill of visceral choreographic gorgeousness.


Piergiorgio Milano | Denti

Denti is the Italian translation of teeth. In many ancient cultures the loss of teeth is connected with the loss of a loved one, with the feeling of jealousy, and the urgency to leave one's home country. Denti makes a sensible journey through physical sensations and memories, a struggle between the impossibility to leave and the wish to forget. Denti is the impossibility of letting go, the feeling of being trapped, the illusion to return back, the sensation of falling, the wish to receive attention, the need to hide ourselves. The piece has been made experiencing loss, absence of love and desire. Denti is what remains; it is the voice that we still believe we hear. It is the wish to keep what is gone; to chase, to bite, to growl.

Piergiorgio Milano is an Italian internationally recognized choreographer and performer. His background embraces circus, dance, theatre and martial arts. He has collaborated with international artists such as James Thierrée, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Rodrigo Pardo, David Zambrano, Roberto Olivan and Raffaella Giordano. His performances are developed around and through the body. He has experience as a dancer, an acrobat and a performer; he gathers all these experiences into a strong physical language that combines virtuosity in movement with a clear theatrical aesthetic.

“Denti” won first prize at the Baltic Movement Contest 2011, Club Zack, Dansk, Poland; first prize at “Factory Dance Competition” Fabbrica Europa 2011, Florence, Italy; and audience award at MasDanza 2009, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain.


Roni Chadash | Goofy

"To the woman he said.. and your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you." - Genesis 3:16 A pointless attempt at understanding when I lost my innocence and how my amorphous body transformed into the known and common creature called a woman.

Roni Chadash is an independent dancer, choreographer and video artist, based in Tel Aviv. Roni’s works have been invited to many international dance festivals and won several awards for choreography & performance. Parallel to her own work, Roni collaborates with several choreographers in Israel and abroad including Luis Marrafa, Maya Brinner and Odelya Kuperberg; and teaches contemporary dance classes and improvisation workshops which are based on her own movement research.


Choreography & performance: Roni Chadash
Music: Arvo Part, Nicolas Jaar, Chopin
Rehearsal manager: Dana Shoval
Set: Adam Gorlizki

The Uncollective | En Beige

En Beige unveils a relentless world of dissatisfaction and unfulfilled flat-pack fantasies. Actions of building and unbuilding offer accessible ways into queering the structures of societal homogeneity. Everything is suspended between the microcosmic and cosmic; Michael and Eve’s relationship as queers sharing a room combatting routine and desire.
This is an adaptation of En Beige.

The Uncollective's work inhabits a space between dance, choreography, live art and queer performance. Their practice is driven by exploring collaborative methods in order to challenge the expectations of performance. The Uncollective aim to develop a space where politics can engage with and provoke discussion around curation, instinct, aesthetics and desire. .


Concept and performance by Eve Stainton and Michael Kitchin from The Uncollective
Sound: Want-Louisahhh!!!
Thanks to Lake Studios Berlin and TripSpace-TripDance



Piergiorgio Milano performance + artist talk @ The ICI | Friday 22nd September | link

Piergiorgio Milano | Playful & Sharp Body Intensive | Mon 18th - Thurs 21st September | link

This project is made possible with support from Arts Council England, The Place, Italian Cultural Institute and Studio XL Italy.

photo credit: javiertles

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