"Letters from Kathmandu" fundraising event with Roberto Rubalcava
SUN 24th September 2017  |  1 p.m.-2:30 p.m.

Join us on this beatiful event to raise funds for the Dutch charity house4nepal.

We will start with a restorative Yoga class lead by Roberto Rubalcava and will follow with a short tea break to get ready for the screening "Letters from Kathmandu "short film and slide show.

"Letters from Kathmandu" is film and collaborative photo book project shot in Nepal a year after the earthquakes. The film shows the story of Suman Khatri, a local guide in Kathmandu Valley who lost his family home. Together with his friends, he gathered what little resources he had to provide help where it was most needed. When photographer Roberto Rubalcava and writer Rebecca Rijsdijk visited Suman his home is still a pile of rubble.With this film and the photos, Roberto and Rebecca aim to raise awareness of the fact that help is still much needed.

More information on how to support can be found on Rebecca's Hose for Nepal donation page just giving page, where they also share stories from their trip.