'The Life and Death of the Lotus’ - An exhibition of Mandala Drawings by Amanda Walker
SAT 2nd December 2017  |  7 p.m.-9 p.m.
Join us to celebrate the Opening of Amanda’s first exhibition of Mandala Drawings.
(Exhibition runs throughout December and January)

A Mandala Flow Yoga Workshop will be taught by Amanda during January at TripYoga.

These drawings are based on aspects of traditional mandalas, ancient visual forms of images for meditation – usually composed within a pattern of concentric circles, squares and triangles. They were created to absorb the senses, build concentration and draw consciousness into a state where the analytical mind is at rest. This liberates the maker/viewer/meditator to concentrate on the forms in the image which encourage contemplation of aspects of the self, nature or, in the case of the old mandala forms, spiritual stories from traditional texts about gods and goddesses.

Amanda’s mandalas follow this meditative intention to absorb the senses, to calm the analytical mind and detach from chitta vritti (mind-chatter) and she freely intermingles organic forms from nature to inspire quiet reflection with contemplation of the life-cycles of growth, blossoming and decay.

The centre-piece of this exhibition is a large mandala depicting in great detail the beauty of the forms of the lotus in all stages of its life, and death. This flower is highly symbolic in yoga practice and has its own pose (Padmasana) named after it. It is “the pose of enlightenment” and has been represented in many yogic contexts as a pose for meditation. The 7 Chakras (energetic centres) along the spine and on the crown are represented by lotus’ of different colours and with different numbers of petals.

The lotus is also remarkable because it passes through all four elements in the process of its growth. Nearly all plants need sun, water, air and earth but the lotus starts its life under water in the muddy earth of a pool or river, must push its stems up through the currents of the water, rising from dark to light, until it breaks the surface to blossom in air and fire (sunlight) for only a brief few days and then, after its amazing transformation in decay to intricate seed pod, withdraws itself down to the muddy depths once again.

A remarkable journey of resilience and transformation.

Amanda is a yoga teacher based in London and member of the teaching team at TripYoga. She is also a visual artist. She trained at the Slade School of Fine Art in London where she gained both a B.A. and Master’s degree in Fine Art.
This exhibition joins together her love of drawing and yoga and she is delighted to be exhibiting in the graceful arch space of TripYoga Studio.

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