Open Jam
FRI 17th November 2017  |  2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
Pay what you want
Its getting cold, so it must be time for our November jam. This time on a Friday. I'm not here for this month, so the jam will be hosted by the wonderful Charlie Ashwell. The jam is an open space for improvising together - no score, no schedule, no plan... Its pay what you want. Come and jam!!

Many moons ago we used to jam with abandon... a free space where people could try things out. People could dance who weren't dancers, people could play music who weren't musicians, people could lay on the floor, or jump around, or declaim to the room (you know who you where)... It was a space where labels didn't mean much. A space where many of us discovered things we wanted to do for a living (and also many things we didn't). I kind of miss it, and I want to bring it back... Let's jam