VISION TRANCE DANCE with Maria Fonseca
SAT 13th January 2018  |  7 p.m.-9 p.m.
£25-£20 Early Bird
This is an opportunity to re-set, re-start and re-focus yourself for a new calendar year.

An invitation to let go of any emotional baggage you’re still carrying from the past and open up to new beginnings that will lead you to happier version of yourself.

This Trance Dance Journey is a quest for vision into the centre of your being in search of what is there, inside of you urging to be expressed, shared and manifested.An opportunity to set intentions for the year ahead and to re-connect with the creative potential inside of you so that you may be the creator of your own life. Through this dance of intention we invite you to plant the right seeds inside of you so they may sprout and give fruit in the seasons ahead.

How can a new calendar year not only make a difference in chronological time but also in the story of your life? Join us in this vision quest.

Looking forwards to sharing the space with you,

"The four times I came to Trance Dance, was so powerful for me and definitely developed throughout the series. Maria holds the space in such a strong yet gentle and light way, and it has been beautiful to experience"-
Alice Moon


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EarlyBird: £20 + Eventbrite fee
Normal: £25+ Eventbrite fee

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