Trip the Light - Summertime
SAT 16th June 2018  |  8 p.m.-11 p.m.
£10/£8 if you wear a Summer hat
Trip the Light is back!


“One of these mornings
You're going to rise up singing
Then you'll spread your wings
And you'll take to the sky ”

After a lazy spring season… Trip The Light resurrects through a shapeshifting hotchpotch collection of performances and artistic interventions.
It will be hot, It will be sweaty, it will be fun. Disclaimer: there will be interaction.

Amy Dang & Ieva Vaiti | Project Syntrex: Places

Project Syntrex: PLACES is an immersive dance performance that explores the concept of discovery within a new place. Abstract and surreal visuals interact with dance and music, creating landscapes and environments where people can follow the trajectory of this ethereal experience. Through PLACES we invite the audience to enter their own personal journey of thought.

Co-direction & visuals by Amy Dang & Nicolee Tsin
Co-directon & music by Ieva Vaiti
Co-Choreography by Yasmine Lindskog & Sara Augieras
Performed by Yasmine Lindskog & Sara Augieras


Tania Soubry | Soul-scapes

A goddess and an astronaut.
Space mining?
Another calling!
Resting his head on the earth, he enters into his subconscious cave.
Grieving towards the light, she reconnects with her grace
The psychonaut is called upon her warrior to protect the divine.
Who believes that we the only ones?

Soul-scapes is a polyphony of the diverse colours of the soul through the form of a fictive rite of passage. A duo is being each other’s master of ceremony, creating the aural universe for each other’s dance by interweaving breath, voice and movement, relating the individual to the collective, to the anima mundi and the cosmos. Through shape-shifting we twist through different archetypes into a mythical alchemy, spinning a multilayered world of the sublime and the surreal, the mystical and the cyborgian. Letting the music radiate through our movements we amplify our dance through our voice.

Direction by Tania Soubry
Concept, choreography and performance by Tania Soubry and Catherine Elsen
Dramaturgical consultancy by Martin Hargreaves
Roy Hart Vocal Assistance by Emanuela Lazzerini
Costume Design by Michèle Tonteling
Mentoring by Camille Mutel
Lighting Design by Nina Schaeffer

Started as a Research project during Tania's Artist Residency at the Conway Hall Artist Development Program 2014-2016, London, and in 2017 as a Research project at TROIS C-L - Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois.

Tania Soubry

Dance Club

Dance Club is a dance experience that is at the intersection between a club night, a dance class and a dance show. We believe passionately in the power of dance to engage the mind, body and soul - our mission is to "Inspire Through Dance".

Dance Club is a collaboration between Nikhil Shah (Mixcloud, ManMakeMusic) and choreographer Mariana Lucia Marquez (Metaspeech, Marquez&Zangs). The format is a DJ set with “guided” rather than “taught” dance instruction. wearedanceclub

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