SAT 2nd June 2018  |  7 p.m.-9 p.m.

For thousands of years humanity has expressed the pulse of life through rhythm.

This Trance Dance Journey is an invitation to connect to the primordial pulse of the heart and experience the healing alchemy of rhythm. An evening designed to energise and re-awaken the creative wisdom that lives within you.

We have the gift of having beautiful percussionist Regina Martin playing live for us. We truly believe in the healing power of sound and dance and are exited to be coming together to create a sacred space for you to dive deep and celebrate the gift of being alive. Join us in honouring life through music, dance & meditation.

"There is music wherever there is rhythm, as there is life wherever there beats a pulse" Igor Stravinsky


Humans have used percussion and dance to synchronise themselves to the beat of the earth and the cosmos. This connection to the primordial drum has been hugely forgotten amongst the overwhelming rhythm of the modern world and is important to recall it both for our health & consciousness.

Thanks to modern technology we know that drumming alters brainwaves, entraining them from Beta- the cycle of our daily activity and cognitive thought into a more relaxed Alpha and eventually the trance state of Theta. Repetitive drumbeat covers all the sensory stimulus and blocks the chatter box, causing emotional and intuitive processes at the midbrain to come into the foreground. When combining dance, drumming and breath you can access parts of yourself where deep transformation, clarity and insight can take place.

Trance Dance uses a few tools to help you enter this state- a blindfold, transformational breath, dance, powerful rhythms & integration time.


Regina is a percussionist who combines her many musical talents to bring people together and create unique experiences tat into higher states of consciousness. She harmoniously weaves tribal beats, voice and movement sharing a space where people can free their minds and bring joy to their hearts, unveiling the real purpose of spiritual practice in their lives. Her early passion for tribal cultures took her to travel to Africa and South America where she learned the importance of music in the community as a way to communicate in a language beyond words, where strong human bonds happen naturally. Her aim is to create a bridge between old and new musical traditions bringing the opportunity for everyone to open up and explore their inner creativity. She’s been holding Drum&Chant Journeys for over 15 years in London and recently, has started providing FLUYE, an intuitive body-movement experience awaken by original tribal Live music.


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